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UPDATED: Ping Located In The Indian Ocean Consistent With Black Box Aboard MH370

Courtesy: Laurent ERRERA, L'Union, France
April 07, 2014

In a news conference in Australia Monday morning, officials claimed that the ping located in the Indian Ocean is consistent with the pinging noise emitted from airplane black boxes.  This is expected to be the most promising lead yet for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight that went missing last month.

According to Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, the sounds were at a depth of 14,764 feet.  However, Houston cautioned that the it will not necessarily be able to obtain the object emitting the noise right away.  He said, “nothing happens fast.”  He is much more optimistic with this new development than he has been in the past is committed to finding wreckage in order to confirm the fate of the plane.

The HMS Echo, a British Naval ship has been sent to the place where the Chinese originally picked up the signal.  Another British ship, equipped with technology from the US Navy, was sent to another part of the Indian Ocean

A senior Malaysian government official said on Sunday that the plane may have intentionally taken a flight path that was meant to avoid radar.  The official was not able to say why this was the case, but a number of times the estimated route of the plane has changed.