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Russian Ambassadors’ Leaked Phone Call: “Invade Miami, California, Alaska”

April 04, 2014

An alleged leaked phone call between two Russian ambassadors has surfaced where they cover a wide range of topics, including invading Miami, California, and Alaska to mocking Scotland, and taking over more parts of the former Soviet Union.  Much of the call is filled with laughter between the two ambassadors. The leaked call has been circling the globe quickly.

The exchange between the two ambassadors can be found below, on a supposed wiretap that caught the entire conversation:

The alleged call has the Russian ambassadors from Eritrea and Malawai and  Zimbabwe.  The call begins as a congratulatory call between the two ambassadors, where Nilokaevich Chubarov congratulates Sergey Viktorovich Bakharev on Zimbabwe’s vote against the UN resolution that stated that the annexation of Crimea was invalid.  The call continues with one of the ambassadors saying that Crimea is only the beginning of Russian imperialism.

The ambassador then makes a direct threat to former Soviet states.  Chubarov says, “All those f***ing limitrophes, e.g. Latvia, Estonia, and other Europeans as well as Romanians, and Bulgarians, we’ll kick their asses in the right direction.”  Bakharev then says that they are better off not touching those countries and that instead saying, “It’ll be better for us to disturb ‘Californialand,’ ‘Miamiland…’ as the ambassadors chuckle at the notion of invading the U.S.

Chubarov brags about taking Crimea and says, “We’ve got Crimea, but that’s not fucking all folks. In the future we’ll damn well take your Catalonia and Venice, and also Scotland and Alaska.”  This is also said as he chuckles and mocks Scotland as he says it.

Maria Zakharova, a deputy spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said she does not know who is on the tape and that she thought the photo on the video of Bakharev does not appear to resemble the ambassador at all.  Zakharova also said that it appeared to be handiwork on the part of the United States.  She claimed it was not different than a misunderstanding where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented a button to the foreign minister of Russia, Sergei Lavrov with a button that said “overload” instead of the intended “reset” designating a new way forward for the Russian-US relationship.

At the end of the conversation, as it gets more serious, Chubarov claims the he had a conversation with someone in the European Union that told him Russia should “Take back those Romania and Bulgaria.”