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Boston Marathon Bomb Scare Leads To Evacuation

Courtesy: Aaron Tang
April 16, 2014

A Boston Marathon bomb square left city authorities scrambling to quickly quell the situation based on fears of what happened last year.  Around 7pm on Tuesday night, police closed down the finish line at the Boston Marathon because of unattended backpacks.  This was the same location where last year, at the conclusion of the Boston Marathon, two young men used backpacks to conceal explosive devices that were used at the end of the race.  The bags made for a time period of panic as police cleared the area to deal with the backpacks.

The bomb squad arrived to examine and get rid of the unaccompanied backpacks:

Both of the backpacks have been destroyed in a controlled explosion by the bomb squad.  this does not mean that they had explosives in them, but rather that, for safety reasons, the bomb squad disposes of suspicious materials this way for the safety of themselves and others in the area.  The contents of the backpacks were rice cookers, which were used in last year’s bombings, and confetti. Police have since arrested a man supposedly connected to the backpacks.  Earlier in the evening, a suspicious man with a black backpack was captured saying “Boston Strong” as he ran down the street in “black netting”, which officials have now confirmed is the same person that was arrested. 

A picture shows the man that was eventually arrested walking down the road saying “Boston strong.”


Once again, the first responders of Boston proved themselves as utmost professionals in dealing with what must have been an incredibly scary situation considering the events at last year’s Boston Marathon.