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Authorities May Be Looking In The Wrong Place For Missing Malaysian Air Flight

Courtesy: Laurent ERRERA, L'Union, France
April 25, 2014

Authorities have been scouring the Indian Ocean for weeks looking for any sign of missing Malaysian Air flight 370, but so far have been unsuccessful in finding any real leads.  Each day, a press conference seeks to raise hopes and every new lead quickly vanishes to another false alarm.  Some are now thinking that there is a possibility the flight ended up going down somewhere else, and authorities in Kuala Lumpur have now said “the thought of it landing somewhere else is not impossible…”


The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane could change course again as nothing has turned up in weeks of searching the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia.

According to the Malaysian newspaper the New Strait Times, investigators are revisiting the possibility that MH370, which carried 239 people and went missing on March 8, crash landed elsewhere.

The search initially focused on the eastern coast of Malaysian and Vietnam, where the plane was last tracked by aviation authorities. As more information came to light, the search centered on the southern Indian Ocean. Despite turning up any debris, the search in this area, which includes up to 11 aircraft, 12 ships and an underwater robotic submarine, will continue for now. Poor weather conditions this week could limit these efforts.

But New Strait Times reported that the investigation team for the case based in Kuala Lumpur is looking into other possibilities as well.

“We may have to regroup soon to look into this possibility if no positive results come back in the next few days … but at the same time, the search mission in the Indian Ocean must go on,” a source on the investigation team told the newspaper.  “The thought of it landing somewhere else is not impossible, as we have not found a single debris that could be linked to MH370.”

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