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VA Evicts Disabled Veteran And 3 Kids

March 19, 2014

A delay in the processing of a disabled veteran’s benefits from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has left a woman and her three kids homeless.  The VA took 18 months to process the war veteran’s benefits, which led to her house being foreclosed upon and her eventual eviction after the VA purchased the house.  The community has lent a great deal of support, but the veteran still feels betrayed by the VA after giving up so much for the country that she loves.


The disabled veteran who says she was evicted from her home by the Department of Veteran Affairs Tuesday morning has received an outpour of support.

Natasha Taylor’s day started with heartbreak. An eviction by the VA caused everything to be removed from her home Tuesday morning.

“There is no price tag to replace what I feel right now. For me to go overseas, three tours, as a single mother, didn’t lose one soldier, accelerated on the military as fast as I did, and I gave the military all I had,” Taylor said.

But her day is ending with hope. Within an hour of our 5 p.m. newscast, two months of storage was already paid for. A 17-foot Uhaul had been rented by Toby Cruz, a disabled veteran.

“One thing we learned in the military is that we always look out for each other. So veteran or active duty, we’re always here to support each other,” Cruz said.

Her neighbor, Meme Styles, even offered to give her two oldest children a roof over their head.

“My kids and her kids are about the same exact age so we went ahead and took the beds and put them inside of my kid’s room,” Styles said.

But Taylor says receiving help before this hasn’t been easy. She was released from the military in September 2011 because of a serious back injury. Taylor’s attorney says the situation after that has been a tragedy.

“It took her 18 months for the VA to process her benefits because of those 18 months she fell behind on her house payments. So the VA caused the delay. She tried to scrape by taking any type of job she could. The bank would not modify her loan,” Stephen Casey, Taylor’s attorney said.

She received two foreclosure notices by the bank and in August of 2013 the VA bought the home.

“At the end of the day, I just want justice, they cannot offer me money, they can actually keep the home if that home meant that much to them. More than me. As a person who owned and earned the home,” Taylor said.

We tried to contact the VA for this story, but our calls were not returned.

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