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(Video) This 8 Year Old’s Gift To A Soldier Will Leave You In Tears

March 03, 2014

While most 8 year olds are worried about the newest video game system, this 8 year old is focused on serving a soldier.  The boy in this story, having lost his father in Iraq, wrote a touching note with a special gift to a soldier.  He could have used the money for anything, but he instead decided to use it for a soldier because he reminded him of his dad.


Like most 8-year-olds, Myles Eckert was already dreaming up ways he could spend a $20 bill he had just discovered laying in a Cracker Barrel parking lot earlier this month.

“I kind of wanted to get a video game, but then I decided not to,” the child recounted to CBS News.  That’s because Eckert saw Lt. Col. Frank Dailey enter the restaurant. The man in uniform changed his mind.  Why?  “Because he was a soldier, and soldiers remind me of my dad,” Eckert explained to CBS.

So, instead of purchasing something for himself, Eckert did something very different on Feb. 7. Something Dailey says he will remember for “a lifetime.”  The 8-year-old boy wrapped the $20 bill in a note he had authored to the solider.

“Dear Soldier — my dad was a soldier. He’s in heaven now,” the note said. “I found this 20 dollars in the parking lot when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. It’s your lucky day! Thank you for your service. Myles Eckert, a gold star kid.”

Eckert’s father, Army Sgt. Andy Eckert, had been killed in Iraq when he was only a few weeks old. The 8-year-old can only think of what he was like.  “I imagine him as a really nice person and somebody that would be really fun,” he told CBS News.  That February day, Eckert even asked his mother to go visit his father.

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