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No US Troops In Ukraine

Courtesy: US Army
March 10, 2014

A new survey by CNN/ORC International found that Americans do not support a US military presence in Ukraine.  The survey found that only 12% of those polled believed US troops should be sent on the ground.  These numbers may correlate to the overall war fatigue Americans are feeling from a continued presence in Afghanistan and the long involvement the US had in Iraq.


Americans support economic sanctions and aide for Ukraine, but only a small percentage think President Obama should involve the U.S. military in the international conflict, said a new poll released Monday.

The CNN/ORC International poll found that people support helping Ukraine from afar, with 59 percent of respondents supporting economic sanctions and 46 percent supporting economic aide.

On the opposite side, a minority of respondents supported directly involving the military or providing military aide. Only 12 percent support putting American troops on the ground, while 17 percent support air strikes.

As the president tries to negotiate the international situation in which Russia has occupied the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, only 48 percent of those polled approve of his actions in Ukraine, while his overall approval rating is at 43 percent.