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(Video) Two Vets Confront Man In Fake Military Uniform: “I Am A United States F***ing Ranger”

March 21, 2014

Pretending to be someone in uniform is no laughing matter, and this guy learned the hard way when two veterans chose to take him to task for portraying himself as a member of the Army.  The former Army Ranger confronted the man on campus, saying the tab was not a real unit, and that the man was improperly portraying himself as someone who served.  Somebody else also chose to stand up against the man in fake uniform, also questioning the validity of the tab he was wearing.

The real veteran got angry and escalated the situation when he said, “I had four brothers die with this f***in’ Ranger tat on their arm.”  After this, the man faking his military service inquiries as to why he should have to take his uniform off, and the veteran quickly reminds him because it’s a fake.

Later, the real veteran was arrested for disturbing the peace and making threats against the fake man.  Police said they could not arrest the man that was portraying a military member because it is only illegal to do if someone is trying to receive benefits by dressing in uniform.  The fake man continued to claim to authorities and those around him that he was in the service and has the right to wear the uniform.

It is not verifiable whether he actually was, but you can guess, given the man who actually did serve and knows the sacrifice so well of the military, that he would not have gone after the guy if he wasn’t certain.  It’s awesome these veterans took such pride in their service and stood up to someone who tried to dishonor the uniform in such way.