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Sailor Shot And Killed Aboard Navy Ship

Courtesy: US Navy
March 25, 2014

A civilian who had access to Naval Station Norfolk shot a sailor aboard the USS Mahan late Monday.  Security forces quickly responded to the attack, shooting and killing the civilian responsible.  The base is the largest naval base in the world, and was placed on lock down until the situation was cleared.  The names will be released after the families have been notified.


A man fatally shot a U.S. Navy sailor before being shot and killed by responding security forces at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia late Monday, a base spokeswoman said.

The suspect was a civilian who had access to be at Naval Station Norfolk, according to spokeswoman Terri David. She said she couldn’t say whether he had permission to be on the USS Mahan, where the male sailor was shot about 11:20 p.m. Monday. No other injuries were reported.

The Navy will release both men’s names once their families are notified, Davis said.

Davis would not describe the circumstances of the shooting but said the scene is secure. The base — the largest naval installation in the world — was briefly put on lockdown after the shooting as a precaution, but that was later lifted.

Operations had returned to normal at the base Tuesday morning, with counselors available, the Navy said in a news release. But most enlisted sailors on the Mahan — docked at the first of 13 main piers — were not to report to duty Tuesday. Base traffic was typical Tuesday morning.

To get on the base, civilians must be escorted or have a pass. Each base entrance is guarded, and all 13 piers have additional security forces. As part of ongoing security efforts, handheld ID scanners were implemented this year at Navy bases in the region, including the Norfolk station.

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