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(Video) The “Cold Blooded” Putin

March 21, 2014

The Ukrainian situation and the events that have unfolded there have led to a mysterious look into the world of Vladimir Putin.  No matter where one falls on the character of the man, there is this sort of international intrigue with how he operates and his view of the world.  There is no shortage of sources on those who have written about the man, the politician, or the KGB agent.  From all sides, he is the ultimate man of mystery, and most recently has become the ultimate focus of a myriad of articles and op-eds.

Take for example this interview with former president George W. Bush.  President Bush highlights his personal relationship with the man and the politicians and gives deep insight into the Putin that he knew, the man behind the curtain and away from the cameras.  Given Putin’s weird charisma and ability to charm, it is a unique perspective to see it from the side of a former American president.  President Bush believes Putin changed from the time he originally met him in 2001 and looked into his eyes and saw his soul.  He details the time when he called him “cold blooded” and how his perspective on the Russian figure changed over the course of his presidency.

The man is an interesting international figure, and will continue to be a man who the world’s eyes fall upon, especially as he seeks to increase his influence and return Russia to his vision of the former Soviet Union.  Putin’s view of the world as an old KGB agent brings deep insight into his worldview, and the actions taken in Ukraine demonstrate this view.  Furthermore, his total disregard, and even antagonism towards the West, show a new age in Russia and a revitalized leader seeking to make Russia a great superpower.