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Biden Flaunts Strength As Russia Laughs

Courtesy: US Defense Department
March 19, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden has spent the week trying to portray strength on behalf of the Obama Administration.  He was in Poland earlier in the week, where he attempted to convince Europeans that the United States has the power to defend NATO powers, and it will use it if necessary.  The US certainly has the power, but as Putin has continued to defy the administration and the Western world, that power has certainly not been on display.


Vice President Biden met with Poland’s president on Tuesday and assured him that the United States remains more than capable of stepping up militarily if Russia’s aggression were to spread to NATO allies.

“You have an ally whose (defense) budget is larger than the next 10 nations in the world combined, so don’t worry about where we are,” Biden told President Bronislaw Komorowski during a visit to Poland.

Biden’s comment came after Komorowski noted that Russia has recently multiplied its defense budget but that many NATO countries had cut theirs. The North American Treaty Organization (NATO) includes Poland and other neighbors of Ukraine, but not Ukraine itself.

NATO Article 5 states that if one NATO country is attacked, it constitutes an attack on all of them and that all of them must assist in responding.

The vice president also repeated the Obama administration’s position that Russia’s annexation of Crimea is illegal. He said Russia needs to let Ukraine decide its own future.

“Those that bet instead on aggression and fear-mongering are bound to fail,” Biden said.

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