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US Warships To Sochi

Courtesy: US Navy
February 07, 2014

Two warships have been deployed to the Black Sea region in preparation for a possible security issue at the Sochi Olympics.  The Pentagon has said they want the ships to be there in case of a security problem that unfolds.  This action is related to many recent and credible threats of a planned attack at the Winter Games, which are scheduled to start with the Opening Ceremonies on Friday.


Two Navy warships deployed to the Black Sea will give U.S. commanders more options in case of a security problem at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

Col. Steve Warren told reporters the ships — the amphibious command ship USS Mount Whitney and the frigate USS Taylor — have orders to conduct “routine security operations and patrols” and to be on hand just in case of a problem in Sochi.

“We’ve made it clear previously that having them in position in the Black Sea during the Sochi Olympics gives us an added capability in the region,” Warren said.

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