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Sailors Suffer From Mystery Illnesses

Courtesy: US Defense Department
February 28, 2014

After and earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, the United States Navy was one of the first to respond to the crisis.  Today, many of the sailors who responded to the event are suffering from a series of illnesses, many of which seem to suggest radiation poisoning from their time in Japan after the disaster.


A historic earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, causing a nuclear power meltdown. The U.S. Navy rushed in to help, but are those sailors now paying the price? Nearly 100 believe that mission ruined their health.

Vic Carter reports a Navy lieutenant from Maryland who can no longer walk is demanding someone take responsibility for what’s happened.

On March 11, 2011, one of the largest earthquakes ever shook Japan. It triggered a tsunami. Waves more than 100 feet high slammed into the coast, killing thousands.

When the wall of water smashed into the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, an explosion spewed radiation into the air and water, creating yet another tragedy.

The United States military sped into the disaster zone to help, not knowing it was headed into the path of a radiation plume.

 Now, three years after that exposure, at least 100 of those first responders are suffering from unexplained illnesses like cancer, leukemia, bleeding and hair loss, and they’re blaming it on radiation poisoning from Fukushima.

“When you’ve got a nuclear power plant that’s melting down, how can you not expect health risks to come from that?” said Lt. Steve Simmons.

Lt. Steve Simmons was on board the USS Ronald Reagan, the first ship to arrive for Operation Tomodachi–the Japanese word for friends.

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