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McCain Calls For Syria Military Intervention

Courtesy: US State Department
February 16, 2014

Senator John McCain is making renewed calls for military intervention in Syria.  His call came after a second round of talks failed to provide any viable solutions to the Syrian Civil War.  Senator McCain made clear that there are many other options other than an invasion that would closely match that of the one in Iraq in 2003.  McCain said that the military plans have already been created and that it is time for the US to use them.


Hawkish US Senator John McCain has called on the Obama administration to employ its already-devised plan of military intervention against the Syrian government.

“The only way to achieve success at Geneva is to change the balance of power on the ground,” McCain said in a statement on Saturday, referring to the failure of the so-called Syria peace talks in Geneva.

“There are options far short of an Iraq-style invasion that can, and should, be employed to change the calculation of the Syrian regime, stem the violence, and ultimately achieve a negotiated political solution,” he added.

The second round of negotiations ended on Saturday without any concrete results about the unrest in Syria.

“The second round of Syria peace talks ended today with no progress toward a negotiated political settlement to the conflict and UN Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi recognizing that failure is looming,” McCain said.

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