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Iraq May Have Violated UN Embargo Purchasing Weapons From Iran

Courtesy: US Defense Department
February 25, 2014

The US State Department is seeking clarification on a supposed arms deal between Iraq and Iran that suggests that Iraq has made a $195 million arms deal with Iran, in direct violation of a UN embargo.  Sources withing the Iraqi government refused to make a comment and either confirm or deny the deal, but said that given the situation in Iraq, it may be necessary for them to acquire weapons.


The US has said it is “seeking clarification” over a report that Iraq has signed a deal with Iran to buy arms in violation of a UN embargo.

State department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that if the $195m (£117m) deal for weapons and ammunition was confirmed, it “would raise serious concerns”.

The Reuters news agency said on Monday that it had seen contracts signed by the neighbouring states in November.

A spokesman for Iraq’s prime minister neither confirmed nor denied the deal.

However, he said it would be understandable given Iraq’s security troubles, which have seen al-Qaeda-aligned militants step up sectarian attacks and take control of parts of the cities of Ramadi and Falluja.

“We are launching a war against terrorism and we want to win this war. Nothing prevents us from buying arms and ammunition from any party and it’s only ammunition helping us to fight terrorists,” Ali Moussawi added.

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