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Increase In Veteran Deaths Brings Call For New National Cemeteries

Courtesy: US Army
February 04, 2014

With a recent increase in the number of veterans dying, there has been a shortage of space in national cemeteries.  This has brought a call from Representative Dina Titus and other Members of Congress to require the Department of Veterans Affairs to put cemeteries in the 11 states where there currently are none.  


National cemeteries across the country are starting to reach capacity amid an increase in the number of veterans dying — fueling a push for the government to approve new sites, particularly in states that don’t have any.

“One of the benefits is to be buried with dignity. All veterans are entitled to that,” Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., said.

Titus represents one of the 11 states, many of them in the West, that don’t have a national cemetery. She’s introduced a bill that would force the Department of Veterans Affairs to put them in those states.

“I think they should have that opportunity and not be a victim of where they live,” she said of veterans.

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