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Crucial Military Bases Will Get Cut In Defense Plan

Courtesy: US Defense Department
February 25, 2014

After yesterday’s announcement on suggested Defense Department budget cuts from Secretary Chuck Hagel, it has become clear that many military bases, including critical bases within the US, could take significant hits if the plan is carried out.  According to Hagel, Fort Jackson and Fort Hood, major military installations, would see major scale backs in their operations.  The cuts come as the administration has vowed to cut the US military to its pre-WWII levels.


Sweeping budget and personnel cuts proposed Monday by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel would hit some military bases hard while protecting others.

With the Army targeted to lose as many as 80,000 active-duty troops from its current 520,000-strong force, reaching its smallest size since before World II, major installations from Fort Jackson, S.C., to Fort Hood, Texas, could see their operations scaled back significantly.

The proposal to shrink the world’s mightiest military force comes as the United States seeks to redefine its role on the world stage, with the Iraq war over and U.S. combat engagement in Afghanistan winding down, a two-front strategy involving lengthy occupations that severely tested military capabilities. It also reflects the competing demands of spending restraints, national security and politics.

Eliminating two dozen A-10 attack planes at Whiteman Air Force Base near Kansas City, for instance, is part of a broader move to retire all of the aging Warthogs, saving the Pentagon several billion dollars. But lawmakers from Missouri and other states will certainly object.