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Co-Pilot Hijacks Ethiopian Airlines Flight

Courtesy: US Defense Department
February 17, 2014

After a man was arrested early Monday for an Ethiopian Airlines flight hijacking, authorities released that the hijacker was the co-pilot.  According to authorities he hijacked the plane and diverted it to Geneva in order to seek asylum.  He reportedly hijacked the aircraft when the pilot got up to use the bathroom.  He continuously asked the tower to grant asylum as he circled around Geneva airspace.

Eventually, the plane landed and the hijacker turned himself in.  He did not have a gun.  According to the Swiss police spokesman Philippe Grangean, “His act has been motivated by the fact that he feels threatened in his country and wants to make an asylum claim in Switzerland.”

The story began when an Ethiopian Airlines flight that was flying to Rome was forced to land at the airport in Geneva, Switzerland early Monday morning.  Authorities at the airport have confirmed that the flight was in fact hijacked and that one man is now in custody in relation to that hijacking.

The passengers and crew were never in danger, according to authorities.  The airport closed for a short time after the plane landed, but quickly reopened.

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