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Army Program Helps Soldiers Choose Life Over Suicide

Courtesy: US Army
February 03, 2014

Some positive news from the front line:  for the first time since 2004, the U.S. Army has seen a significant decrease in the number of active-duty members committing suicide.  The Army credits some of this progress to a new program that helps current and former Army members choose life over suicide.


COLORADO SPRINGS — The demons rushed in during the months after Levertis Jackson returned from Afghanistan in 2011. “I felt like I was losing complete control of my mind and my sanity,” says the former Army specialist.

There were emotional scars from before he was even in the Army — trauma from a childhood of being bullied when he was a child in South Carolina, Jackson says.

Tumultuous adult relationships, one failed marriage and another failing, combined with a gnawing sense of losing control over his life were part of the emotionally toxic stew that festered during his 10 months in Kandahar.

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