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Americans Don’t Like Putin Or Russia

Courtesy: US Defense Department
February 14, 2014

A new poll from Gallup shows that Americans have the least favorable view of Russia and its president since 1994.  According to the poll, 60% of Americans view Russia unfavorably.  Also, 63% of Americans view President Vladimir Putin unfavorably while only 19% view him favorably.  This is the lowest unfavorable rating Putin has had since he became president in 1999.  The new poll was released as Putin is using the Sochi Olympics to increase the reputation of Russia on the global scale.


With all eyes on Sochi for the Winter Olympics, Americans hold the lowest view of Russia and its president that they’ve had in two decades, according to a new poll.

Sixty percent of Americans view Russia unfavorably, the most since 1994, according to Gallup’s poll out Thursday. Their favorable view of Russia nearly ties the low set in 1999 during the bombing in Chechnya and conflict in Kosovo: Today, just 34 percent of Americans view Russia favorably, near the 33 percent set in 1999.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also registered his lowest marks since first becoming president in 1999, per Gallup’s polling. Americans view Putin unfavorably 63 percent to 19 percent, continuing a trend that has grown since Gallup began polling on the Russian leader.

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