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US Military On Standby For Sochi Olympics

January 22, 2014

With growing concerns over security at the Winter Olympics in Sochi next month, the U.S. has prepared a plan to keep Americans and athletes safe.

ESPN reported, “The U.S. military will have warships and several aircraft on standby during the Games, CNN reports, citing a U.S. official with knowledge of the plans, adding that Moscow would first need to ask for help before any American action was taken.”

“Still, the ships are in place “if something happens like a major terrorist attack and we need to get Americans out,” the official told CNN.”

“Russia’s counterterrorism agency is studying a video posted by an Islamic militant group that asserted responsibility for suicide bombings that killed 34 people last month and is threatening to strike during the Games.”

“The video was posted online Sunday by a militant group in Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim republic in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus. The Olympic host city of Sochi lies 300 miles west of Dagestan.”

Concerns are increasing over Russia’s ability to protect foreign travelers and athletes from terrorism at the Olympic Games. Russia claims they are prepared against the threats.

ESPN continued, “Russia has responded to the Islamic threat by introducing some of the most sweeping security measures ever seen at an international sports event. Some 100,000 police, army and other security forces have been deployed, according to analysts, and tight restrictions have been placed on access to the Sochi area.”

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