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Homeless 89-Year-Old World War II Veteran Braves New York Streets

January 08, 2014

An 89 year old homeless World War II veteran in New York City has more optimism than most could hope for. He explains that his experiences in life that range from fighting in the Battle of the Bulge to working as an amateur boxer have left him feeling rich. He has lived in a penthouse and a parking lot and continues to leave a lasting impression on those he meets. This story is an amazing lesson in kindness and the spirit of the human soul.


Breitbart, by Patrick K. O’Donnell – Sixty-nine years ago this month, the Battle of the Bulge raged across Europe’s Ardennes Forest as the Allies fought in brutal arctic weather to contain Hitler’s last great counteroffensive.

One veteran—and one of NYC’s oldest homeless men—still battles the elements.

As it snows today, I can’t help but think about Richard Musto, an 89-year old WWII Battle of the Bulge veteran whom I met serendipitously in the early morning hours of a recent Friday at a McDonald’s in New York City.

Lucid and with a voice and personality similar to Burgess Meredith, he turned to me and asked, “Would you like a frankfurter? They are fresh.”

I was touched by his kind offer. “I’m OK, thank you,” I replied as I wolfed down a Big Mac.

“I think I’m going to donate the extra franks to the VA,” Musto said.

Gnats hovered around him, along with a distinct odor, but I sensed a warmth, charm, and sense of dignity.

I also noticed he sported a hat festooned with a US First Army, 6th Armored Division and 2nd Armor Division pin, which said “Hell on Wheels.”

“Were you in the 6th Armored Division in WWII?” I inquired.

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