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Former Sec Def Robert Gates Has Strong Criticism For Obama In New Book

January 08, 2014

Former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, has a new tell-all memoir being released next week that heavily criticizes President Obama’s leadership and handling of the Afghanistan war. Gates suggests that Obama did not believe in his own strategy and simply wanted to wipe his hands clean of the war. Obama’s lack of confidence is his own strategy was so strong that even he believed that it would fail.

The book, ‘Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War,’ published by Knoph DoubleDay Publishing Group, will be released January 14.

Gates also criticizes Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Gates faulted Biden for “poisoning the well” for military leadership and being incorrect on every national security and foreign policy matter over the last 40 years. He confesses to overhearing a conversation between Hillary Clinton and Obama where she told the president that she opposed the 2007 surge in Iraq because she was running against him in the Iowa primary. The president responded that he opposed the surge for political reasons as well.

But for all of the negative criticism Gate’s gave Obama in his book, he continues to say that Obama is a man of integrity and that he agrees with most of the decisions the president made on Afghanistan policy.  So is he merely trying to stir up controversy before the release of his book, or is he now attempting to backtrack on his claims against a sitting president?

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