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(VIDEO) Veteran Challenges Lawmakers To Knock Down Doors Themselves

November 15, 2013

When the legislature of Dutchess County NY passed the SAFE Act, a bill that essentially banned the purchase of “assault weapons”, banned high capacity magazines, created a massive government gun database, and created a whole host of new firearm regulations. All in the name of keeping us “safe.”

Well this didn’t sit very well with Aaron Weiss, an Army combat vet and current police officer. His incredibly passionate speech to the Dutchess County Legislature made headlines and drew a standing ovation from the crowd. He made clear that the blood shed by him and the brothers he lost was to uphold the Constitution, not to tear it down. Also, he said if you’re ready to enforce it and kick down people’s doors to take their guns then they best be prepared to do it themselves!

Watch the speech here: