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Hundreds Turn Out For Funeral Of WWII Vet With No Family

November 13, 2013

This is incredible and shows the true power of good that lies within the internet.

When fellow British vet Sgt. Rick Clement, who was injured in Afghanistan, read a very sad obituary, he shared it on Facebook and Twitter with his friends. The obituary was of Harold “Coe” Percival, a WWII veteran of the Royal Air Force who passed away at the age of 99 with no close family to attend his funeral.

What came next is beyond heartwarming. Rest easy Harold.


When a British man who served in the RAF during WWII died in a nursing home on Oct. 25th at the age of 99, he didn’t have any close relatives to mourn him.

A fellow vet, Sgt. Rick Clement, who was badly injured while serving in Afghanistan, took to Facebook when he read that Harold “Coe” Percival had died without any “close family who can attend his funeral.”

“I need a big favour from any military or ex-serving members. This fallen soldier at 99-years-old is having a funeral on Monday and he has no family to attend,” he posted, according to the Blackpool Gazette. “If you’re in the area give him the send off he deserves. This guy needs and deserves your help.”

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