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World’s Most Wanted Female Terrorist Trolls On Twitter

October 14, 2013

One of the world’s most wanted terrorists, and the most hunted female terrorist on the globe has a Twitter account and actively uses it!

Samantha Lewthwaite, daughter of a British soldier and widow of suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay, who blew himself up on a London Underground train on July 7, 2005, killing 26 people, is supposedly behind the Twitter handle @MYC_Press.

Lewthwaite, aka the White Widow, has been rumored to have had a hand in last month’s mall shooting in Nairobi, Kenya.

Her Twitter activity is wide ranging, engaging in conversations with followers to quoting reggae songs.


Samantha Lewthwaite, also known as the White Widow, is one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

Lewthwaite is a member of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, which took responsibility for the Westgate mall attack that resulted in the deaths of over 60 civilians and soldiers in September 2013.  Many suspect she was in some way involved in the attack, although her role is unknown.

As the world’s most hunted female terrorist tries to evade authorities, a number of news sites are reporting that she is taunting authorities via Twitter.

On October 5, Lewthwaite, who is believed to be behind the Twitter handle @MYC_Press, posted the following message:

“Many rivers to cross, but I can’t seem to find my way over wandering, I am lost as I travel along the Mountains of Galgala”

According to the Mirror, the message is, “quoting lyrics from the song Many Rivers To Cross by reggae legend Jimmy Cliff” and “provides the first clue on her whereabouts since last month’s Kenyan mall massacre”.

The Twitter account (@MYC_Press) is still active, despite being the account of one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

A Twitter user posted a reply to Lewthwaite’s October 5 tweet, saying, “samantha, you can only run but can’t hide”.

The Mirror reports, “Investigators have long been monitoring Lewthwaite’s Twitter account which she opened last year and the latest tweet provides fresh information in the hunt for the world’s most wanted woman. .”