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(VIDEO) Confrontation Between Soldier And Former Marine Erupts In SC

October 17, 2013

Earlier this month in South Carolina, a confrontation erupted between a female active duty soldier and an off duty police officer who also is a former Marine.

Both were intoxicated when words were exchanged and an conflict erupted that had to the officer being put in jail. While trying to detain the soldier for unknown reasons he shouted: “This is how Marines deal with soldiers,” while slamming the woman into the table.

Check out this video and let us know: Who is at fault in this situation? – Columbia, South Carolina |



As a confrontation at a restaurant in Columbia, S.C., quickly spun out of control, a witness began video recording the incident involving an off-duty deputy and a female soldier. The video shows the deputy attempting to arrest the soldier following an argument at the establishment.

However, veteran deputy and former U.S. Marine Paul Derrick, 49, was ultimately arrested and charged with assault after police reviewed the cellphone video and determined the cop acted inappropriately. He has also been placed on leave without pay following the Oct. 7 incident at Buffalo Wild Wings.

It all started when Derrick reportedly approached the female soldier, 23-year-old Brittany Bell from Fort Jackson, who was apparently upset at the time. She reportedly brushed Derrick off and the two began arguing.

Derrick, who was not in uniform, left the restaurant and retrieved his handcuffs, badge and firearm from his vehicle, according to police. Both individuals were reportedly drinking alcohol.

WIS-TV explains how the incident played out:

Derrick overpowered Ball, handcuffed her, pulled her to her feet, and slammed her head into a metal table, the report states. Ball, according to the report, was also drinking alcohol.

In the video, Derrick can be seen trying to force Ball to stand up after cuffing her hands behind her back.

At one point Ball is positioned over a table, and the table collapses.

A police officer who reviewed video of the incident reports hearing Derrick say, “This is how Marines deal with soldiers,” while slamming the woman into the table.

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