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Iranians Compete In The ‘Down With USA’ Essay Contest

October 25, 2013

You can’t make this stuff up.

Iranians are now competing for cash prizes over the  best essay, photography or art work that bases America. Topics stretch from why we are going down to our “fake” democracy.

Best of luck to all the participants!… Just kidding.


Tasnim news first Grand Prix Festival “Death to America” ??will be held in two parts and accessories for the home and international sectors, including photographs, posters, cartoons and documentaries and accessories including clips, songs, articles and blogs.

Political reporter Tasnim news , fans can participate in the Grand Prix of the festival in the sections above, on topics such as “Why is America Down?”, “Why America is untrustworthy?”, “and Hdshkny America”, “America and Khvdbrtrbyny” “America and human rights”, “oppression and America”, “America and Islamophobia,” “America and Iranophobia”, “torus Zionists in America,” “Colonial America and ultramodern”, “Fake Democracy in America”, “America dictatorship “and” America, and the 99% “are submitted to the secretariat.

Permanent Secretariat of the festival’s official website, Bhnshany available.

All work and no time limit to produce works that will be submitted to the contest’s deadline will be displayed.

Graphic works, photographs and cartoons JPG format and must be submitted in A3 size and 5MB articles and blogs that link to the contest should send their content.

All work must be documented in video format FLV and have a maximum size of 10 MB.

Deadline: 16 November to 1 December 1392 and the results will be

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