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UPDATED: BREAKING (NEW VIDEO & PHOTOS): Vets March on DC Memorials & White House, Met By Riot Police

October 13, 2013

UPDATED: There is a new great video of vets carrying the barricades that were blocking the World War 2 memorial to and past the White House in protest. It is below.

If you’re a vet (or not), you may have heard of the “Million Vet March” happening today, Sunday, October 13th, 2013 in Washington, DC. While a million didn’t turn out, thousands certainly did.

Thousands of veterans marched on the veteran memorials, namely the World War 2 memorial in Washington, DC, with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and also Sarah Palin joining the veterans. They tore down the barriers and chanted “Tear down these walls!”. Vets were protesting the closure of the memorials during the government shutdown and the White House’s attempt to proactively keep vets out to make the shutdown “more painful” than it has to be for ordinary Americans.

Vets then marched to the White House, some carrying the gates they tore down at the World War 2 memorial, and were met with riot police.

Check out the great photos below tweeted by people joining in on the march. As far as we know there has been no arrests and no conflict. The police and park service seem to be letting the veterans do most of whatever they want.







  The truckers came down 17th street honking their horns while heading toward the Mall. Their forward progress was blocked by police barricades.