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WWII Vet’s Daughter Receives His Purple Heart Seventy Years Later

September 19, 2013

Donna Gregory of St. Louis, MO found an old box stuffed with WWII memorabilia in her attic. In it, she found Pfc. John Eddington’s Purple Heart medal and several letters he wrote.

Some of these letters were written to his daughter whom he would never get the chance to meet.

Gregory scoured local libraries and public records for 14 years until she finally tracked down Eddington’s daughter, Peggy Smith of Dayton, NV.

Now after 70 years, his Eddington’s Purple Heart,  along with the letters he wrote will be presented to Peggy Smith in a ceremony in Dayton by the Patriot Guard Riders, a veteran motorcycle club.


The Patriot Guard Riders will present Peggy Smith with her father’s long-awaited Purple Heart in Dayton, Nev., this Saturday.

The medal and several letters were discovered when Donna Gregory from St. Louis found a box of WWII memorabilia in her attic, according to Fox News.

One of the letters that accompanied the medal was written by Smith’s father, Pfc. John Eddington, to the newborn daughter he would never get to meet.

Gregory tracked down Smith after 14 years of searching through libraries and public records. From there, Gregory and her husband organized an award ceremony with a veterans’ motorcycle club, the Patriot Guard Riders.

Smith will finally receive this Saturday the Purple Heart her father earned when he died on an Italian battlefield 70 years ago.

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