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VIRAL: Crashed Marine Osprey Picture Draws 1 MILLION Hits

September 09, 2013

This picture is BLOWING UP on social media right now – a priceless photo of a Marine and his downed Osprey.

The caption and corresponding story are equally epic.

Check it out:


Caption: “One horrible day for me in Afghanistan.”

Story from poster:

“Just so everyone knows I was a passenger not the pilot.

Story Time. Now everyone forgive me im typing this out on my mobile. This was roughly halfway through my deployment. My unit had been doing helo raids and helo inserts for months before this happened. So everyone was somewhat used to getting rained on by hydraulic fluid which shoots from everywhere when these things fly. Somehow you convince yourself that cant be a bad thing. So we departed our FOB late night the plane was operating as nomal we had a 45 minute flight. The crew Chief looked back and gave us the 5 minutes till landing. The osprey is going in for its lading everything is still ok. Now when these land there props rotate and make a loud pop, This time though it was deafining you knew something was wrong it felt like the osprey was having a seizure. Its pitch black you cant tell how far you are from the ground then it hits. My body was instantly in pain. As you can see in the picture we landed on a ledge and it pinned the rear hatch of the bird closed. We had to exit out of the right door gunners exit. Everybody on the plane was instantly ordered to get into a defensive position. Mortars started coming in about 10 minutes afterwards. This is just a gold mine for the Taliban and a nightmare for us Marines. There were still other Ospreys around when this happened so what did the pilots of this bird do? They jumped on another Osprey and rode back to the FOB. Meanwhile we had to protect there plane. I always figured this was one of those things like a captain goes down with his ship. A convoy from a FOB came out and dismantled this plane and loaded it up on trucks and hauled it back roughly a week later. Sorry for how horribly typed this is! Anymore questions just let me know. P. S. RIP IT SHOULD OBVIOUSLY ENDORSE ME

EDIT : For everyone in the comments who is military bashing. Wait for it. I don’t care! I am just doing my job. For everyone throwing support my way I greatly appreciate it!”