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Syria’s First Lady Takes To Instagram, Doesn’t Get Warm Welcome

September 10, 2013

Call it propaganda, call it an attempt to humanize Syria’s first family, call it trying to make life in Syria right now look “normal.” Call it whatever you want, it didn’t work.

From pictures of the first family at soup kitchens, to pictures of the first lady posing with top performers on this year’s nation baccalaureate, she has tried very hard to uphold an image. But you have to wonder what people in the pictures are thinking.

Here are some of the angry, and graphic comments on the Instagram feed:

Luckily then these students weren’t bombed sitting their finals then by your brutal ruthless coward of a husband- unlike the poor students in Aleppo University

If the other 100k++++ you and your hubby KILLED didn’t die, maybe one of them would’ve scored higher.

Hope you didn’t kill her after the pic

Not one fake smile in this pic…

Look happy or I will bomb your house.

Lol the look on the girls face says it all she does not care for you…don’t blame her after you are not known to be a leader instead one that hides from the truths that are affecting her country


Syria’s first lady Asma al-Assad has been in the news for using Instagram to give the appearance that things are “normal” in the country.

The photos are posted to, which as of today has nearly 40,000 followers.

Besides the typical public-relations photos of her dishing out food at a soup kitchen, several are one-on-one photo shoots of her congratulating students who scored high marks in the National Baccalaureate 2013.

For the people involved in the photos, it’s really hard to know what they are thinking and feeling, but many people left comments on the postings with their own thoughts.

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