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(PHOTOS) Cop Gives Blackhawk Pilot A Parking Ticket

September 24, 2013

National Guard units were called in to help with the rescue efforts in Colorado over the past week or so. This forced one blackhawk helicopter to land in the middle of a street to help with a rescue.

When one local cop saw this, he couldn’t help but have a little fun: He wrote up the pilot for “parking in a no parking zone” and “facing the wrong way”

The little prank went viral on Reddit but don’t worry, it’s just a joke as there was no court date and no sections for violation.

Check out the photos below:






It turns out one Colorado cop has quite the sense of humor.

The Blackhawk was part of the Army National Guard units called in to help rescue stranded victims of the Colorado flood.

He had to park in the street, and he got ticketed for “facing the wrong way” and “parking in a no parking zone.”

We found the image on a Reddit post titled: “Blackhawk pilot must land on a street in Colorado to help in a rescue from the floods; gets this amusing ticket from local police in return.”

The Redditor also posted this image of the helicopter parked in the street and this image, as verification.

But don’t worry, another commenter claiming police experience pointed out that there “no court date” and no “section codes for violations” — so it had to be a practical joke.

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