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Obama Arms Syrian Rebels While Trying To Disarm Americans

September 16, 2013

So this is freedom huh?

While President Obama sends arms to rebels in Syria, some of whom pledge allegiance to Al-Qaeda, he is also working diligently to make sure that law abiding American citizens can’t get some guns of their own.

If this isn’t making sense to you, you aren’t alone…


The United States government has announced that it is going to begin overtly arming Syrian Opposition Forces, many factions of which are supported by al-Qaeda. At the same time, President Obama and many on the left continue their assault on American gun ownership.

While American tax dollars are being used abroad to fund and train those responsible for thousands of American dead, American tax dollars are also being used to fund government programs and regulations allegedly aimed at keeping military style weapons out of the hands of gang members in the United States.

Does President Obama’s decision to send guns to Syrian opposition forces undermine his gun control efforts in the United States?

The answer is yes of course it does.

On the domestic front, President Obama is trying to keep weapons out of the hands of violent criminals by supporting efforts to restrict the ownership of semi-automatic rifles, weapons capable of accepting high capacity magazines, and weapons he attests are designed for war. He states that as a nation we cannot afford for these weapons to wind up in the hands of violent street criminals.

Obama recently passed a pair of executive orders on gun control. The first raised the tax levied on trusts established to allow ordinary citizens to acquire Class III or “restricted weapons.” The second was an order banning the importation of a cache of WWII era rifles purchased by South Korea in the early 50’s, who are now trying to sell them to raise money for their military.

To boil it down to President Obama’s logic; the taxpayer can’t own an AR-15, and we are arming al-Qaeda with fully automatic weapons bought with tax payer money. Ah, freedom.

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