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Congressman Recalls Drunken Arm-Wrestling Putin In The 90s

September 13, 2013

Now THIS is a story we all wish we could tell!

On a radio station this week, California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told a story from the 1990s when Vladimir Putin visited him as the Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg. The story involved American football, booze, and an arm-wrestling match that he’ll never forget.

Check it out:


Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is shedding new light on Vladimir Putin as a “strongman.”

The California Republican recalled in an interview the time he drunkenly arm-wrestled the Russian president in the early 1990s at a Washington pub – and lost.

“We got down to these arm wrestling matches and I ended up being paired off with Putin. And he’s a little guy, but boy I tell you he put me down in a millisecond, he is tough. He was just, bing! His muscles were just unbelievable,” Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) said to Southern California radio station KPCC in an interview on Thursday.

Rohrabacher said Putin at the time was serving as deputy mayor in St. Petersburg. Putin had been visiting D.C. with a delegation and stopped by Rohrabacher’s office and the congressman invited them for a game of football.

“Well, I talked to them and I asked them, ‘by the way I’m spending the weekend here any of you want to play some American football with me and my buddies?’ And three of them said ‘yeah, sure,’” Rohrabacher said.

Among the players was Scooter Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, and “a bunch of my right-wing friends,” Rohrabacher said.

“We all ended up going to the Irish Times pub afterwards and we were having a little bit too much to drink I guess, but anyway we started arguing about who won the Cold War, et cetera and so we decided to settle it like men do when they’ve had too much to drink at the pub,” the congressman said.

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