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SHOCK: Restaurant Owner Kicks Out Vet With Service Dog & Defends It

August 27, 2013

This is almost too insane to believe. You must watch the video to believe it!!

An Iraq War vet suffering from PTSD walks into a diner with his service dog. As he sits down he is screamed at by the owner and ordered to leave. Even after explaining the situation to the owner and eventually calling the police, the owner will not relent.

Needless to say,  Big I’s Diner in Oxford, MA has since found itself on the receiving end of the wrath from pissed off Americans.

It got so bad that he finally stepped up to the cameras to apologize…..only to REVERSE his apology!!!

You have to see the video to believe a scumbag like this actually exists. BOYCOTT BIG I’s!

Side Note: How long before Big I’d is out of business? Under a month?