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Al-Qaeda Plans Major European Attack

August 19, 2013

Al-Qaeda has a new target: Europe’s high speed rail lines. According to a mass circulation by the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA), calls were intercepted between senior Al-Qaeda leaders who spoke about the forthcoming attacks.

While many nations in Europe are being tight lipped about specific security measures, they have been extremely clear: Security will be heightened and most will be invisible.

This attack plot follows a report from a few weeks ago that Al-Qaeda already has attack plans and are moving into position. Could this be the plot they were referring to?


(Reuters) – Al Qaeda is planning attacks on high-speed trains in Europe and the authorities in Germany have stepped up security on the country’s rail system, a German newspaper reported on Monday.

The information about the planned attacks came from the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA), which apparently intercepted a call between senior al Qaeda members several weeks ago, the mass-circulation daily said.

“It is known that Germany, along with other Western states, is a target for jihadist terrorists so we always assess warnings on a case-by-case basis but we already have a high level of protective measures and we do not plan to step these up at the moment,” spokesman Jens Teschke said at a routine government news conference.

The scandal surrounding the NSA’s global electronic spying operation has become a major headache for Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of the September 22 election. Government snooping is a sensitive subject in Germany due to the heavy surveillance of citizens in the former communist East and under Hitler’s Nazis.



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