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Al Qaeda Gets Hilariously Trolled On Twitter

August 14, 2013

Note to Al Qaeda: When looking for PR advice, don’t use Twitter. An Al Qaeda affiliate asked it’s followers to share suggestions that may help the terrorist organization with its public relations problems using the hashtag “#Suggestions_to_Develop_Jihadist_Media” (Translated from Arabic).

A counter-terrorism export, J.M. Berger found this and began to troll the organization, or in laymen term, screw with them. Once he started the fun, hilarity ensued.

Here’s two of our favorites:

“Have you considered starting a boy band?” – @BeauScheier

“New jihadi training video: Out with the monkey bars, in with hot yoga.” – @intelwire

Noticing they had been duped, the Al Qeada account tweeted (translated from Arabic) “The American infidels take part in the hashtag. :(” Yes, you read right, they used a sad-face emoticon.


Last night an Al Qaeda affiliate asked its loyal Twitter followers for suggestions to help with Public Relations, and the Twitter hive mind answered.

A linguist fluent in Arabic tells Business Insider the original hashtag translated to “#Suggestions_to_Develop_Jihadist_Media”.

J.M. Berger, a counter terrorism expert who wrote the book “Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go To War In The Name Of Jihad,” started the trolling

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