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3 More Military Badasses You NEED To Know

August 30, 2013

American Military News wants to share with you stories of men who were so badass that it will blow your mind. We’re talking incredible acts of courage and tenacity that for many would be unthinkable, but for our troops, comes naturally.

Here are today’s three badass vets.


Name: Henry Lincoln Johnson

Conflict: World War I

Story: “Private Johnson distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force. While on a double sentry night duty, Private Johnson and a fellow soldier were attacked by a raiding party of Germans numbering almost twenty, wounding both. When the Germans were within fighting distance, he opened fire, shooting one of them and seriously wounding two more. The Germans continued to advance, and as they were about to be captured Private Johnson drew his bolo knife from his belt and attacked the Germans in a hand-to-hand encounter. Even though having sustained three grenade and shotgun wounds from the star, Private Johnson went to the rescue of his fellow soldier who was being taken prisoner by the enemy. He kept on fighting until the Germans were chased away. Private Johnson’s personal courage and total disregard for his own life reflect great credit upon himself, the 369th United States Infantry Regiment, the United States Army, and the United States of America.”


Name: Chesty Puller

Conflict: Second Nicaraguan Campaign, World War II, and the Korean War

Stories: “In Nicaragua he earned his first Navy Cross by pummeling armed bandits “of superior numbers” five times. Also in jungle country, “with no lines of communication and a hundred miles from any supporting force,” he lead his force through a victorious insurgent ambush by holding a hill. In World War II, he defended critical lines in the dense jungle of Solomon Islands against Japanese penetration. In fact, during the same World War II battle in the Pacific in which he won his third Navy Cross, according to folklore, a grenade landed within a few yards of the general, causing others Marines to panic and duck in cover. Puller, however, kept his cool and allegedly said, “Oh, that. It’s a dud.””

 “Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!” – Chesty


Name: Alvin York

Conflict: World War I

Story: “After his platoon had suffered heavy casualties and 3 other noncommissioned officers had become casualties, Cpl. York assumed command. Fearlessly leading 7 men, he charged with great daring a machine gun nest which was pouring deadly and incessant fire upon his platoon. In this heroic feat the machine gun nest was taken, together with 4 officers and 128 men and several guns.

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