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Marines To Up Presence In Australia Fivefold

June 11, 2013

It looks like the Aussies can expect to see a lot more devil dogs down under very soon. Military officials in Australia are looking to bolster their amphibious capabilities and have called on the U.S. to help. Expect the Marine presence on Australia to increase fivefold next year.


The Marine Corps’ presence in Australia will increase fivefold next year as military officials there look to the U.S. for guidance in developing their amphibious capabilities, a Marine general with oversight of operations in the Pacific said Tuesday.

Australia’s government has paved the way for a force of 1,100 Marines to rotate next summer through Darwin in the country’s Northern Territory, Brig. Gen. Richard Simcock, the deputy commander of Marine Corps Forces Pacific, said during a media engagement at the Pentagon. At the same time, the Australian navy is acquiring its first two amphibious assault ships, which will enhance its ability to respond to crises throughout the region. As the Aussies prepare to operate them, they’re looking to Marines for mentoring.