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Marine Veteran Kidnapped Near Mexican Boarder

June 14, 2013

For people living in the Rio Grande valley, the threat of violence from drug trafficking is something that you have to live with daily. But last week, the disappearance of U.S. Marine veteran Armando Torres III took this issue to the front pages of news outlets everywhere. When you mess with the Marines, you mess with one of our nations most revered institutions.


McALLEN, Texas — In every film about a kidnapping or disappearance, there is a ubiquitous scene in which a family crowds around a phone, waiting for a call from the criminals to shatter the silence. But for many people in the Rio Grande Valley, and the United States, that silence — that hideous tension — remains unbroken.

The disappearance of U.S. Marine veteran Armando Torres III made national headlines last week, when he was reportedly kidnapped by gunmen on a Tamaulipas ranch near the Free Trade Bridge at Los Indios.

The San Benito native is 25 years old, and according to his family, he was visiting his father and uncle before he planned to move to the state of Virginia.

Mexican officials have launched a criminal investigation but have expressed their doubts about finding Torres or his father and uncle alive. The FBI has opened a concurrent international kidnapping investigation of its own.