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General Wants More Troops In Iraq & Lebanon

June 26, 2013

General Martin Dempsey thinks the Lebanese and Iraqi armies need help from U.S. troops. After a year of reducing our middle eastern presence, General Dempsey’s comments underscore the unease regarding that strategy among top military brass. It will be interesting to see how the Pentagon and White House react.


The top U.S. military officer said on Wednesday he has recommended bolstering Lebanese forces grappling with the fallout from Syria’s civil war by sending in military trainers and accelerating arms sales.

General Martin Dempsey also said he had recommended helping Iraq better deal with the re-emergence of al Qaeda.

“We’ve made a recommendation that as we look at the challenges faced by the Lebanese armed forces, the Iraqi security forces with a re-emerging al Qaeda in Iraq, and the Jordanians, that we would work with them to help them build additional capability,” Dempsey told reporters at the Pentagon.



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