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Suspected Nazi Commander Found Living In Minnesota

June 14, 2013

A former Nazi commander has been located in Minnesota. Michael Karkoc, 94, has been living in the U.S. since shortly after World War II when he lied to U.S. officials and told them he had no direct involvement in the war. Now the question becomes: What will we do with him? Will the U.S. deport him, as is mandated by law or will health play a role?


A commander of a Nazi SS-led unit accused of torching villages filled with women and children lied to American immigration officials to get into the US and has been living in Minnesota since shortly after the second world war, according to evidence uncovered by Associated Press.

Michael Karkoc, 94, told US authorities in 1949 that he had performed no military service during the war, concealing his work as an officer and founding member of the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defence Legion and later as an officer in the SS Galician Division, according to records obtained by AP through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The Galician Division and a Ukrainian nationalist organisation in which he served were both on a secret US government blacklist of organisations whose members were forbidden from entering the US at the time.