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Camp Lejune Families Spend Special Bonding Time Together

June 20, 2013

For those in military families, having your loved one away from home and in harms way is a feeling that few can relate to. That is why it is often important for military families to come together and bond with one another. For the families at Camp Lejune, these gatherings are times they cherish. On June 15th, these families came together for Outdoor Adventures’ S’mores Family Campout.


As the sun set over New River, embers drifted through the air of Hospital Point Picnic Area aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Children’s laughter echoed from each campsite as families anticipated a night of s’more roasting during Outdoor Adventures’ S’mores Family Campout, June 15.

Parents and children alike gathered at Hospital Point on the sunshine-filled Saturday to set up their campsites and enjoy 23-hours away from the constant movement, which so often surrounds military families.

The campout was a chance to escape the hectic lifestyle, enjoying numerous activities while bonding over their experiences with archery, fishing, setting up their campsite and enjoying the serene, outdoor environment of MCB Camp Lejeune.




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