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Submarine Drone Project ACTUV Begins

Submarine Drone Project ACTUV Begins Featured Submarine Drone Project ACTUV
Submarine Drone Project ACTUV-SOFIC

Submarine Drone Project ACTUV

Drones already are starting to rule the skies. Whether we like it or not, they’re the next generation of warfare. Now it looks like they’ll be going under the sea as well.

Now the Navy is sponsoring one drone that will track submarines from the surface.

Submarine Drone Project ACTUV Begins

According to the AP:

Defense contractor Leidos has begun construction on the ACTUV (Autonomous Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel), which is designed to track enemy submarines across vast oceans for months at a time. Commissioned by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project, ACTUV will perform a host of missions, from reconnaissance to surveillance.  The trimaran, or three-hulled ship, will use sensors to track quiet diesel electric submarines. It will also be equipped with long and short range radar. “It would help keep our troops out of harm’s way and provide capability in more harsh environmental conditions for a longer period of time,” said Leidos Group President John Fratamico, in a statement.

Drones are the future, which a both and exciting and terrifying concept.

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Submarine Drone Project ACTUV Begins