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Mourners Tearfully Applaud Flight MH17 Victims

Dutch mourners quietly applauded the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, shot down by Russia-allied forces as it flew over Ukraine July 17. The lengthy procession came after days of tension between the international recovery team and pro-Russia separatists.

Mourners tearfully applaud flight MH17 victims

Ukrainian separatists yesterday began cooperating over MH17, the Malaysian Airlines flight they shot down on Thursday. They finally allowed trains containing the remains of the victims to reach territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. The rebels also handed over the plane’s black boxes to international investigators.

Meanwhile, more bodies may still be under the debris at the crash site. Many of the dead fell to earth separately after the plane broke up in mid-air, but it’s possible some crashed along with the plane.

Forensics officials raised the strong possibility that the remains of many victims were still buried in the wreckage and that identification could take weeks or months to complete.

At the same time, international anger swelled over the mistreatment of the victims — whose corpses lay for days strewn across a wheat field — as well as over the pilfering of their belongings and the removal of possible evidence that could determine the weapon used to destroy the plane.

Mourners Tearfully Applaud Flight MH17 Victims