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Published on April 25th, 2014 | by Editorial Staff


FBI Is Using The No Fly List To Blackmail American Citizens And Deprive Them Of Rights

A new lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Attorney General Eric Holder alleges that four Muslim American men were placed on the No Fly List after refusing to become informants for their communities.  The four men claim that their right to “due process” was taken away by being placed on the list and that there is no reason why they should be on it.  One of the plaintiffs was placed on the list after numerous attempts by the FBI to enlist him as an informant.  He says he was then placed on the list and when he asked if he could get off the No Fly List, they told him they could take him off if he became an informant.


The FBI is being accused of using the no-fly list to “punish and retaliate” against Muslims who refused to sign up as federal informants.

The allegations were contained in an amended lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in New York. Four Muslim men living in the U.S. accused the government of placing or keeping them on the no-fly list because they would not “spy” on their Muslim communities.

“The No Fly List is supposed to be limited to individuals who are determined to be such significant threats to aviation safety that it is too dangerous to allow them on any commercial flight,” the lawsuit said.

Instead, the men claim: “Defendants have used the No Fly List to punish and retaliate against Plaintiffs for exercising their constitutional rights.”

They claim they were placed on the list “without justification and without due process.”

An initial complaint was filed last fall by just one plaintiff. But three more joined the case in the filing on Tuesday, which also added Attorney General Eric Holder as a defendant. The suit previously was directed at the FBI and others.

The government previously has defended the integrity of the no-fly list since its creation after the 2001 terror attacks. The FBI and Justice Department have not yet responded to requests for comment by FoxNews.com on the amended lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, New York resident Muhammad Tanvir claims he was put on the list “after he declined multiple requests by FBI agents to serve as an informant in his Muslim community.”

When he learned of this, the lawsuit says, Tanvir was told to contact the same FBI agents, “to clear up what he presumed was an error.”

Instead, the suit alleges, the agents said they could help get him off the list, “but only in exchange for relaying information about his community.”

Tanvir refused.

The three other plaintiffs told similar stories. One claimed that because of his placement on the list, he cannot visit his wife and children in Yemen.

The suit claimed these individuals do not pose a “threat to aviation safety.”

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5 Responses to FBI Is Using The No Fly List To Blackmail American Citizens And Deprive Them Of Rights

  1. Lockmanxo says:

    Well it seems if they don’t want to HELP America, they must want to HURT us.

  2. rmw15 says:

    Can’t believe I’m saying this! AG Holder like General Secretary Obama have done little or nothing constructive for the USA. Their greatest accomplishments have been the alarming rate at which they are dismantling our Constitution and liberating the closet socialist in America. Parden me for being cynical but I fear Obama and Holder have more duplicitous goals for this action than protecting America.

    On the other hand If these individuals don’t wish to help safeguard America in all probability they plan to prosecute America. So, let them walk, take the train or “beam outta here”!

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  5. Warfighter says:

    BELIEVE IT!! This same BULLSH*T applies to ANYONE who believes in, or supports ANYTHING that these minions of the Globalist “Anointed One” in D.C. believe to be contrary to the “Anointed One’s” agenda!

    If you’re part of a Patriot group, or Militia unit, EXPECT to be targeted, and put on this list, just like I’ve been. Adding INSULT to INJURY, an FBI minion basically TOLD me that I was on “the list” because of my affiliation with the CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED TITLE 10 CIVILIAN MILITIA.

    This then begs the question..”Just WHO do the FBI, DHS and TSA REALLY WORK FOR, and WHAT EXACTLY IS THEIR TRUE PURPOSE???!!!

    Personally, I believe its time that SOME FOLKS were introduced to Frontier Justice…the kind involving TREES AND ROPE!! Just sayin’.

    God Bless, Protect and Restore the Sovereign Republic of Texas.

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