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Published on March 14th, 2014 | by Editorial Staff


(Video) Cop Shoots Unarmed Vietnam Veteran 6 Times

In a horrible event in South Carolina, a police officer on a traffic stop shot a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran 6 times as the man reached for his cane, a move the police officer thought was reaching for his gun.  After the veteran notifies the cop that he was reaching for his cane, the cop sobs uncontrollably.  Fortunately, the veteran is expected to survive the incident.


Dramatic dash cam video shows a South Carolina traffic stop gone horribly wrong.

 In the video, a deputy opens fire on a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran after he mistakes the man’s cane for a shotgun.

Vietnam veteran Bobby Canipe was driving back home to North Carolina from the Daytona 500 in Florida when he was pulled over by a deputy in York County, South Carolina for an expired license plate.

Canipe got out of the truck, not acknowledging the deputy, then reached for something in the back of his pickup truck.

Thinking Canipe was pulling a weapon from the truck’s bed, the deputy yells out a warning to Canipe.  “Hey sir. Sir, sir,” says the deputy as Canipe pulls the cane out of the truck’s bed, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

The deputy then opens fire, shooting six times and striking 70-year-old Canipe once in the stomach.

“Drop the gun!” yells the deputy. Canipe responds, “It’s a walking stick.”

Realizing his mistake, the distraught deputy rushes to assist the wounded man.

“I am so sorry,” the deputy can be heard telling Canipe before other officers and EMTs arrive and he collapses into tears.

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49 Responses to (Video) Cop Shoots Unarmed Vietnam Veteran 6 Times

  1. lori says:

    he need to go back to school and learn the routine again he is a dumb ass for doing it

    • Dr. Patel says:

      Something tells me you are not a Police Officer, and that’s good for your own sake.

    • Jared Schild says:

      Go back to school? Well based off your grammar of “he need to” maybe you need to. He followed protocol and at night a cane could look like a walking stick. In plenty of instances GOOD cops have been gunned down at traffic stops because they hesitated when a suspect reached for something. Cut the guy a break. I’ve had GOOD cops gunned down in my home state so your thoughtless comment is just mean.

      • Boshua Jroughton says:

        The last 5 comments have grammar errors. And of course the first person to bitch about it also fucks up. Shut the fuck up about grammar on the internet, seriously. This is the internet, we don’t have editors fixing every little thing everyone puts on the internet.

        “a cane could look like a walking stick” well no shit. But I know what you meant. “a gun”

        • Jared Schild says:

          Ok yeah you’re right about grammar but just b/c this cop shot this guy doesn’t mean hes stupid and yes I meant a gun.

        • Susan Maree Jeavons says:

          Someone needs to wash your mouth out with soap. I can handle the grammar mistakes, but not the profanity!

  2. miniputtwithputin says:

    no video

  3. baddgolfer says:

    It is a tough call. My brother is a cop and the truth is, sometimes you have to make tough decisions is a split second, It is not the hundred times nothing happens, it is the one time you are wrong that your kids grow up without a father and your wife is a widow. Cut the guy some slack, he would have never shot the guy if he would have known it was a cane.

    • Vain Freeman says:

      I agree, I am normally outraged by the shoot first ask questions later behavior of a lot of cops but in this case I can understand the cops reaction. This was just unfortunate and I hope they both can recover!

    • Charles says:

      You can clearly see it was a cane. The officer is just another asinine cop.

      • RandomSoldier says:

        You can see it was a cane when your mind is prepped with a headline of unarmed man shot by cop and you are Monday morning quarterbacking from the safety of sitting on your ass watching a video. I think I’ll give your assessment the weight it deserves, that of a high school kid with no real world experience and certainly no combat or law enforcement experience. It’s amusing that you used asinine in your response because it aptly describes your responses on this thread.

        • Charles says:

          I showed the video to a couple people asking them what they thought it was without telling them what the object was. They all said it looked like a cane. Your that type of person who thinks you’re better/ have more experience then everybody else because you’re insecure. I won’t even begin on the real world experience. I do have combat and law enforcement experience. And if anyone has an asinine comment it is yours. You asume so much from so little while at the same time showing so much about yourself.

          • RandomSoldier says:

            So you showed the video to a couple of people, again “not in the scenario” and asked them under different conditions, from the angle of the dash cam and not the officer perspective, to make an assessment after the fact of what they saw. Pretty sure that is exactly what “Monday morning quarterbacking” means.

            I am not insecure at all. I feel very secure in my assessment of the situation to the extent that I can be, because I’ve been in similar situations before. As far as your comment about real-world experience goes, I make very few assumptions. I took the time to see if you possibly had some.

            I do make some assumptions about you based on the fact that Charles Reed of the Class of 2014 at Buckeye Valley High School is not of age to have served as either a police officer, nor is it possible for him to be a combat veteran (beyond however many hours of first person shooter video games he has played). I make the video game “assumption” based off of other comments made using the same account. If any of that information is inaccurate then I suggest you correct your profile to reflect who you actually are or you will continue to have assumptions made about your age and experience.

            As for me, I’m someone who has made a good number of day and night traffic stops, and who has 26 years of military experience to include multiple combat deployments, I feel fairly confident that while I am not “more experienced than everyone” who might comment on this thread, I do bring a significant bit more experience to the table than you do.

          • Charles says:

            I can see where you get these assumptions from. My profile does reflect me, just not the whole me. I don’t have “facebook friends” so I don’t need to give every detail about my self seeing as how my friends already know me. The newest picture of me on there is about 2-3 years old. And games are a very little part of my life. As to the combat experience you’re solely going on war experience. I have as close to that as you can get without being in it(simulated with live ammo/simunition in real life scenarios). The dash cam is the same view as the officer just a much more “fuzzy” picture(one of the people I showed is a retired [man of the force]). Can’t really say exactly sense he has done almost everything(including war experience). I have gone on may “ride-a-longs” in police cruisers. You do have more experience then me. As to the real world experience lets just say not everyone has a loving family. I do believe this raps it up unless you have any objections.

  4. Dave Dalton says:

    Are you kidding me? Unfortunate incident? Tough call? Did the cop ever think to stay behind his car door where he was better protected until he found out what the man was doing? Maybe some commands to put his hands on the top of the car and at that time the gentleman would have been able to tell him he needed his cane to stand. Instead he takes a shoot first and ask questions later approach.

    • RandomSoldier says:

      Are you kidding me? Did you watch the video? Did the man think to stay in his car at a traffic stop, or even to acknowledge anything the officer said? “Maybe some commands”??? The “gentleman” didn’t respond to anything that officer told him. He just continued to pull out the walking stick. I’m also guessing you’ve never been on the receiving end of rifle or shotgun fire. Yeah I’m going to count on my unarmored police car door to shield me while I reason with someone with a rifle or shotgun. Was this a tough situation, yes. It was unfortunate because the man could have prevented the whole thing by doing what MOST Americans know to do in a traffic stop. Pull over safely and wait for the officer to come to you or give you a command. Which question was he supposed to ask later? “Is that a gun?” If it is a gun, the person is going to tell him the truth? What world do you live in? Because you wouldn’t last long in mine.

  5. Stephen Frankewicz says:

    In addition to my previous comment on Facebook, I want to address this one to “American Military”. I am a veteran of the U.S. military, I have a brother and two sisters who also served this country on active duty military and my dad received two purple hearts for his service during WWII.

    SHAME on you for the false allegation against the officer. The “driver” was shot ONCE. You are guilty of doing the very same thing I despise about the liberal media, slanting the truth and misrepresenting the facts in order to incite hatred for the police officer! If you want to represent me and my family of American military you need to print an apology ASAP. I will be sharing this post.

    • Charles says:

      Are you fucking stupid or can you not count?

    • LadyImpactOhio says:

      I agree with you. American Military used sensationalism in their title to garner readership. They snagged me with the title but realized very soon the title was misleading.

      • Dave Griffith says:

        This news site frequently uses sensationalism to get folks riled up. We’re supposed to be able to trust US media to check their sources & report facts, & this site isn’t the only news provider guilty of such lapses; media with left & right bias (which should be ZERO bias) are both prone to such things.

    • Carolyn's Tips says:

      What the reality is the officer shot before realizing it was a walking cane.
      SNAP OUT OF IT ALREADY. No one should have been shot in the first place.

      • Ken says:

        You are entirely correct, no one should have been shot. If the man had remained in his vehicle, as is proper procedure, he would have been fine.

    • Ken says:

      What false allegation? The story clearly states that the officer fired six shots and only one bullet struck the driver. The only fault I find with the deputy is his poor marksmanship which may have saved the drivers life.

  6. Steve Eriksen says:

    Non-Lethal force would have been more appropriate — TASER — Never draw your weapon unless ‘absolutely’ necessary; Adrenalin took over Reasoning in this instance; a young officer that needed more experience in ‘Body Language’ —

    • RandomSoldier says:

      And you base this on your years of experience watching Hollywood movies and television cop dramas, or your expertise with a Taser? Had that been a shotgun or rifle and you were the officer responding with a Taser you would be dead. While there is currently a Taser shotgun hitting the market with a range of 100ft, most Tasers have maximum ranges of 35 ft depending on the cartridge. The standard law enforcement model has a range of 25 ft, but its accuracy decreases significantly beyond 15 to 20 ft. You meet the level of perceived force with that level or higher, as necessary to effect the cessation of hostile action or to subdue the aggressor. If I “think” you are pulling a gun, I am not going to pull a LTL device to defend myself and definitely not at that range.

      As far as body language goes… 1) Stay in your vehicle unless told otherwise, 2) respond to and comply with officer directives for both your safety and theirs, and 3) do not reach for ANY item or root around for items in your vehicle when the officer cannot tell what you are doing (this goes double at night). I’ve been on traffic stops where the occupant is completely oblivious to officer directives. Sadly you have no idea whether that is just a regular citizen with a minor infraction, or a wanted felon, or even a person who has decided they are fed up with their bad luck that day and behaves completely irrationally. At the end of the night I’m going home to my family. I feel bad for the officer because he made a justified call and harmed a citizen who was unarmed, but at least he had the decency to feel remorse for inflicting what was in the end an unnecessary injury. Kind of like shooting up a car that runs a checkpoint in Iraq. It’s unfortunate when people panic and do dumb things which get them killed, but again, I’m going home to my family.

  7. mommommary says:

    with the corrections with regard to grammar on this post, I guess I’ll throw my two cents in. A walking stick is a straight or nearly straight piece of a tree that has been tooled to be used as a walking stick. A cane on the other hand normally has a rounded top to conform to the palm of the hand, and more frequently today, the cane’s head is almost at a 90 degree angle to the shaft and straight rather then curved; medical science (I hate that term) has determined that heavy and/or repetitive use of the curved headed cane cause problems like carpel tunnel syndrome.
    I guess my only comment with regard to the shooting is that the cop is human too and upon recognizing his error didn’t take the “I don’t give a damn” attitude and sounds as though he was full of remorse.
    For those of you crying that he should have taken a different approach to the traffic stop, i.e,, taser vs hand gun, well let’s just say you weren’t there for the incident.
    P.S. If I misspelled any words here, I don’t really care.

  8. Rob VanDoorne says:

    Another misleading propaganda headline. He was shot AT six times, hit once. Stupid media.

    That said, still a tragic occurrence for both sides.

  9. BigC says:

    In this case, it was a good thing he was a poor shot!

  10. Mark Caswell says:

    The driver did not acknowledge the Deputy, did not tell the deputy he was getting his cane. It was poorly lit, so visibility was far from ideal. What is the deputy supposed to think? I don’t blame him for shooting at the guy, he even yelled to the guy first. The driver should have stayed in his truck from the beginning.

  11. NanaM says:

    Why to the headlines read Vet shot 6 times, when he was only shot one time. It is a very sad situation to begin with and then the media has to take it up five times the actuality of what really happened. The world has enough bad things happening in it now without the media going overboard on what really happens. Thank God the vet is going to be okay and hopefully the cop will recover and take a little more time to see what is happening before he opens fire the next time. The circumstances, had the vet been a young man reaching for something then I could see this happening, but two elderly people I would be a little more hesitant before opening fire on them. It was just a really bad situation and God intervened and saved the old vet and his poor little wife who was scared to death. God bless them all.

    • RubyTwoThree says:

      I agree w/the dramatic and inaccurate headlines. I quickly lose interest in websites that do that, I don’t like the coy, play on words stories/videos either, I just want the news facts straight up. The Blaze is the worst for it, may as well be reading the National Enquirer.

  12. PatFields says:

    This all stems from grossly exaggerated ‘Presumption of Guilt’ and ‘Presumption of Ill Intent’ that’s drummed into police. In normal circumstances, most people are non-violent (though they might be outraged at the standard violation of Natural Rights they’re routinely suffering by police these days), so opening fire on feeble old folks comes as no surprise. And what kind of amoral robot says. “that’s okay, you did the right thing” in a case like that?

  13. RubyTwoThree says:

    Why didn’t the old man just sit in the truck and wait for the cop to come to his window? Why didn’t the cop order him back in his truck or hands in the air? Both parties are at fault. I am glad the veteran will survive, he sounds like a tough old Soldier.

  14. ScotWarrior1066 says:

    Another cop that is long on attitude and short on brains.

  15. car333 says:

    It’s a shame it had to happen,but in todays world I don’t blame the Police Officer. If it had been a gun and he killed the officer I’m sure some of you idiots would cheer. I hope the best for the man that got shot, and the officer.

  16. Jim Disbrow says:

    I hate to see a fellow veteran shot, but this was justified. The driver of the truck ignored the officer speaking to him as he was reaching in the back of his truck. The people criticizing him were not there. That officer has to live with this and deserves support not attacks. The guy was clearly afraid for his life and attempting to defend himself, he missed with 5 of 6 rounds. I feel bad for both of these men.

    • rocketw says:

      On the one hand, a driver – I believe in all 50 states; I know it’s the case in mine & I work in the legal field here – when pulled over, must remain in his seat with both hands visible to the officer and not move until directed what to do. This driver did not and incurs fault for that. On the other hand, some older folks are hard of hearing (I do recognize that was not part of the evidence here) and can’t understand what a screaming officer is yelling at them from a distance. “Drop the gun!” (cane) – may not have been intelligible to the driver, but he should not first have exited the vehicle. I use a cane as a result of an inoperable hip impairment & would not be able to follow quickly a command to exit a vehicle. But my hands would ALWAYS be exactly where an officer can see both of them and I wouldn’t move either one until instructed to do so.

  17. ARNOLD CARL TAPP says:


  18. Ken says:

    It was an unfortunate incident but the fault belonged to the driver.
    Every traffic stop is a dangerous situation for patrol officers and far
    too many have been killed during “routine” traffic stops over the years
    for no good reason. They are trained to assume the worst and react
    accordingly because too often the worst case scenario has been the

  19. bleedinell says:

    Even from the grainy video, it’s obviously a walking stick.
    What a shame we now have poorly trained militarized police all over the country. This is only going to become more prevalent.
    Our son is a cop. His comment says it all; “guy didn’t follow procedure”.
    I also want to chastise American Military News for the unnecessary sensationalizing in the headline. Shame on you. Hard to take a site seriously when you lie to our face.

  20. Jim says:

    It’s a sad situation. The police officer was correct in firing. I’m happy that the Vet. will be ok but he shouldn’t had reached in the back of the truck. Hope that both of the men will be ok in the future.

  21. ONTIME says:

    This says the deputy fired six times hitting the Vet once in the stomach…….what discrepancy are you pointing out?
    In that video you can tell the guy is impaired and that he is holding a cane, methinks the cop was just a bit to quick on the trigger……which is why he is so damn sorry…

  22. Ken (skier1) says:

    a very unfortunate incident

  23. Ken (skier1) says:

    very shocking

  24. DAY8293A says:

    That deputy should be fired… If we can see it was a cane through the poor quality lens of a dash camera, that cop should have been able to see it was only a cane being right there, and that the slow moving old man never pointed it at the officer! Also, if his eyesight and judgement is that bad, he should find another job where he can’t hurt someone, and isn’t allowed to handle dangerous weapons, or machinery. ……He thought it was a shotgun??? No excuse here!!!!

  25. Guest says:

    There are bad people in Law Enforcement just like there are bad people in any profession but this cop was not one of them. He seemed like a good guy, after he realized it was just a walking stick he ran to the guy’s aid and was obviously very distraught. I don’t know how many years he’s been on the force, maybe he was new to being a police officer and reacted too quickly? I’m just glad the guy was only hit once and will survive. What a tough old man too, “I’ll be alright,” after getting shot. Now that’s a vet for you! I’m glad the outcome of this situation was not fatal and I hope the old man has a speedy recovery.

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