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Published on November 4th, 2013 | by Editorial Staff


(VIDEO) When Guards Of The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Act

Note to self: Don’t mess with guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

This video explains why.

If you aren’t prepared to obey the rules and act in a silent, respectful manner then don’t even bother showing up!


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  1. Gary Graham says:


    • warren says:

      Although I agree with your sentiment, it’s too bad someone didn’t care more about your education.

      • HDFLHT2002 says:

        Yeah, that comment was really necessary, wasn’t it Warren. They protect your butt and take bullets and sometimes their lives, and you come up with a stupid comment like that. Maybe your education is the one in question.

        • Chez Whitey says:

          Perhaps, Mr Clown, they take bullets so guys like Warren has the FREEDOM to point out whatever he chooses, especially when Clown Jr comes along barfing up the English language like a dork. Clown Jr, being someone that probably DEMANDS others to learn to speak English.

          Go figure. Now you may STFU. 😛

          • doughpro says:

            “Perhaps, Mr Clown, they take bullets so guys like Warren has the FREEDOM to point out whatever he chooses…”

            Okay, you start your defense of the inconsiderate actions of warren with an insult. Tells us exactly where you are coming from. Apparently mommy and daddy never taught you, either, to respect those who have fought and died for the freedom to spew mindless drivel. And you have the nerve to turn around and tell someone else with the same freedom to vent as warren has to “STFU”.

            Yeah, go figure.

            BTW, since you feel superior enough to critique others’ use of the English language, I feel it necessary to tell you that the correct statement is “…guys like Warren HAVE the FREEDOM to point out…”

          • Bruce Fayter says:

            Spoken like a true liberal!

        • random says:

          It absolutely requires his response. The blind, uneducated masses are exactly what Republican Governors like Kansas’ Brownback want to see. They are easier to manipulate… see above post from Gary.

        • 20Snowy_the_Don12 says:

          Because they obviously don’t get free Healthcare, Paid, Free Room and Board, Free Education. People don’t join the military to “protect” they join for the benefits and put up with the rest.
          Not to mention, I didn’t ask them to go off under a false pretense and kill people. They do it because they choose to follow orders.

          • Steve Prince says:

            You are assuming an awful lot there “snowy”. I din’t join for any of your aforementioned reasons, nor did most of the valient men and women that I served with. I joined simply to serve and protect my country. In your mind perhaps “benefits” are the only reason to do anything, if so then I feel sorry for you. As for killing people, some people need killing…or perhaps you would prefer that they subjugated you instead.

          • TheHugsLady says:

            The original Bible (before man translated) read, “Thou shalt not murder”. Our troops DON’T murder but evil people need to be killed or people like YOU would not survive. No one’s better at that terrible job than a member of the US military.

            Thank you Steve Prince and all of you who choose and have chosen to serve.

          • hackps says:

            I bet you couldn’t wear a fifty pound set of work clothes that they do and operate at full potential in 110 degree weather or sleep in a ditch for the night or any of the things that these men do, you pussy.

        • Ahmet Ozturk says:

          They protected me by being puppets of the government? I go around jumping pretend thugs and muggers on the daily, I don’t go around with a 20inch cock up my ass like you pretend army “heroes” asking for respect for what I do.

          • hackps says:

            I’d like to teach you some respect for the men who wear the uniform, Sir. How about meeting me in an alley of your choice?

      • DAY8293A says:

        Butthead warren. Everyone on here makes a typo at times when they are upset about something as serious as this. You have to be a libtard…

        • Roy Diedesch says:

          Nice and fallacious statement! Your immediate conclusive labeling shows your true character.

        • random says:

          OP screwed up two “typos,” a homophone and can’t learn to type appropriately without a caps lock on.

          Stupid is as stupid does. Feel free to express yourself, but if you’re going to do it publicly, at least have the common decency to proofread your blather.

          • DAY8293A says:

            I have no idea what you are talking about… Go play with yourself and leave the adults alone, little boy.

        • Janson Smithers says:

          You’re 100% RIGHT.

      • Timothy-Allen Albertson says:

        warren, how very much of a rectal orifice

      • Michael O'Brien says:

        I hate to admit it, Warren but I was thinking the exact same thing.

        -SSG O’Brien, USAR
        Public Affairs NCO

        • TheDudeAbides says:

          It’s a shame what happens when reservists open their mouths.

          • Michael O'Brien says:

            You’re right. I guess we’re only good enough to deploy to Iraq but we should keep our mouths shut when we’re stateside. Let’s be honest. What did Warren *really* do? He criticized somebody who posted the obvious: be respectful at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. BFD. If your skin is that thin, don’t post a public comment.

          • cichaveg says:

            I guess you have forgotten or you are unaware of all the reservist who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. My son’s Marine Force ReCon Unit was activated and served in Iraq. As for the changing of the guard it is one of the most moving things I have ever witnessed. It even rivals walking on Omaha Beach and visiting the American cemetery in Normandy. The guards are a very elite group and they as well as our honorable dead known and unknown deserve our respect.

          • Dennis says:

            Just goes to show that being in the military doesn’t equate a conservative view

          • seabee.73 says:

            @denis, what the hell does that have to do with ANYTHING?

          • seabee.73 says:

            Actually I was classified as a reservist.. spent 4 plus on active duty in the 70’s and got out. so I would tell you as someone whose discharge reads USNR to fuck yourself.

        • doughpro says:

          Seriously? I was thinking more like…..O’Brien’s a troll.

          • Michael O'Brien says:

            I think the trolls are all the people who felt the need to jump on Warren’s comment. Admittedly, it was unnecessary and not really specific to the poster’s intent but who *really* cares? I notice Warren didn’t respond. He blew it off because he got his message out. You “trolls,” however launched on him. I also find it interesting I’m the only one man/adult enough to post under my real name.

          • Erik Esquerra says:

            Apparently Dude is smart enough to understand that bullets, risk & sacrifice discriminate well between Active Duty & Reserve.

            Interesting Doughpro, that you claim to judge, criticize, mock and insult the alleged (and misjudged) lack of respect by one to protect a person who has served, yet when given the opportunity to respect the living who not only served/serves, but shares his opinion of what service is to him, you then show lack of respect.

            I won’t be so ignorant as to think that you don’t/haven’t served. Perhaps you have. This military is unfortunately big enough even for tools like yourself. I know. I’ve served with a few of them, and fortunately the vast majority are more like O’Brian, that can think clearly through bullshit from people like you.

            USAF 10 years
            USAFR 2.5 years

          • Drew says:

            This is aimed at anyone disparaging the Reserves or the Guard. I spent 14 years on active duty. I’m a Dental Corps officer. I spent 3 years in a Dental MTO&E unit, in Germany and I served as the Division Dental Surgeon for the 25th ID (L). I never deployed while on active duty. Granted, my Corps has less positions available for deployment than many other branches. However, when I transitioned into the TX ARNG, I was put in command of an ASMB (MMB) and deployed for a year to Iraq. 2 or 3 of the Companies in my command were Reserve units. The MMB HQ element that replaced mine was a Reserve unit. When I first started serving in the Guard, and before I got the command, I was doing dental readiness exams. More than half of the Soldiers I did exams for, were coming off of or going to a deployment to Iraq or Afg, some for the 2nd or 3rd time. At that time, I had not deployed. I had an incorrect view of the Reserves and Guard, also. But, any idea that guardsmen or reservists are not as much a part of Big Army, as active duty is total BS. Plus, unlike active duty, many reservists and Guardsmen (and women) have a totally separate skill set in addition to his or her MOS/AOC. So, while the Guard and Reserves have some slackers, we also have a multitude of talented folks. I saw plenty of shammers on active duty in my day, also. Many of them were just welfare recipients in uniform. The couldn’t manage in the private sector for 5 minutes. COL Drew Moore, Texas State Dental Surgeon, TX ARNG.

          • Maleka Giovinco says:

            welfare recipients in uniform? wow coming from a colonel who did dental in the reserves….i’ve done them all, reserves, guard, active duty and the slackers were in the reserves and guard. if the reserves and guard was so damn good we wouldnt have so many friendly fire injuries and death dating back to the first invasion. you people are so untrained and unprofessional; i went back on active duty to be with real soldiers. you must have been on sick call the day they went over professionalism at the academy. been in the private sector for quite some time and I’m doing very well. SSG Giovinco, Intel Analyst, Military Intelligence to the day I die!!

          • Denise Mcintosh says:

            wow really??? did you ever consider the fact that a hell of a lot of Guard and Reserve were active duty at one point???? My husband being one! Oh and it doesn’t matter whether you are Active duty Reserve or Guard….you all bleed the same Dam color RED………………

          • Drew says:

            My point is that there are slackers in Active Duty, Guard and Reserves. I did dental on ACTIVE DUTY FOR 14 YEARS, Maleka!! READ IN FULL BEFORE YOU EMBARRASS YOURSELF FURTHER!!!!!!!! And you can’t lump all friendly fire incidents on reserve and guard. That’s just egregious and really ignorant.

          • Drew says:

            And where do you get off, SSG, calling an O-6 unprofessional?!? That’s insubordinate and unprofessional in itself. Again, I’m speaking about a handful of slackers in both AD and Guard. Don’t be so thin-skinned. You don’t think I was proud to be on active duty?!? I volunteered to join the TO&E unit in Germany and the 25th ID.

          • jason Keefer says:

            25th ID is in Hawaii…. hard times to be had there indeed.

          • grunt11b says:

            try doing a 25 mile road march thru the kahukus in Hawaii,its not all fun times at the beach.

          • Caleb Maloy says:

            25th ID also has a division in Germany. I just came form Hawai’i, and some of the guys from my AIT class went to 25th ID, and were telling me they might get transferred to 25th ID in Germany.

          • Zach says:

            O’s can be unprofessional too. Watch what happens when a grunt NCO gives one a map and compass. It always ends up being either hilarious or dangerous.

          • Devin Pearson says:

            Face it Drew you are not going to garner respect from any active duty by saying you were a dentist. You might be better off claiming you were in the band.

          • Ranae Caldwell says:

            Shame on you Sir for putting the soldiers of the National Guard and Reserve down. My husband is an W4 Apache AH-64 pilot and full time MTP in the National Guard and has two deployments under his belt and is slated for a third. He has been a pilot for over twenty years and I assure you, he is well trained. I would put his hours and experience as a pilot up against any pilot anytime. He has given 24 years of service to his country. He received a Presidential coin and personal thank you from President Bush. He is an Air Medal and Bronze star recipient. I don’t normally list his accomplishments, as he wouldn’t like it, but when I read your post, I felt it was necessary. I can’t believe that any soldier from any branch would say such things about fellow soldiers. You obviously know very little about the Guard and/or Reserve. They are both full of VERY Professional and Extremely well trained soldiers. Unlike yourself, I would never compare one branch to the other. All our military branches are full of heroes, including you, even with your insults. As Denise said below, their blood runs just as red. I take it very personally when anyone belittles my husbands service. He would never say such things and doesn’t deserve your nasty comments. Aren’t we all supposed to be in this together as AMERICANS???? I really hope you will reconsider your views. To ALL our brave soldiers, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! THE HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!

          • Juanita says:

            I am a little sick of reading from people who think they know something , like you Maleka and some of these others who keep talking bad about other People , My Husband served almost 25 years in the Army he was KIA in Afghanistan a few months back, He was a Soldier he Fought in Iraq, Kwait , and Others but never never did he disrespect any Branch of Our Military, all of them Serve This Great Nation Of Ours. They have died Serving and They have left Loved Ones behind, People Who do nothing but try and make themselves look better should not say anything about Our Military. Do not Disrespect Our Military, Any Of Them.

          • seabee.73 says:

            So very sorry for your loss Juanita. A statement very well put!

          • CPT Noble says:

            SSG Giovinco, we are real soldiers. Active Duty has just as many slackers as we do, and possibly more since we also have to maintain a civilian job in addition to keeping up our Military skill sets, and when we leave to serve with you guys, we leave careers, wives, and kids behind. Further, you just disrespected a REAL Army Colonel. Under (presumably) your real name. Not the sharpest thing you’ve done. If you were in my unit, you would be doing some calisthenics in my office. As it is, I will have to settle with looking you up in Enterprise and seeing if your command agrees with the opinions you are sharing about the good Colonel’s command. CPT Noble.

          • Zach says:

            Are you really going to waste your time trying to paperf**k someone for a comment on the internet? If SSG Giovinco was in your unit, they’d be waiting in formation with the rest of your company while you commented on internet videos. Squash that officer complex and get over yourself. You ride a desk while your NCOs do the real work. Maybe go get to know them, since they’re the ones who will make you look good. I can tell you’re in it to make yourself look good, at least do it right.

          • CPT Noble says:

            I sure am. Look at the time stamp. You really think my soldiers would be in formation at a time like that? Its after the end of the duty day. More significantly, SSG Giovinco will learn that his words have consequences, even on the internet.

          • Zach says:

            Well, I hope SSG Giovinco’s command has something better to do during a time of war than to concern themselves with a tender captain getting butthurt about something on the internet. Weak leaders are why so many good people leave the military.

          • James Casteel says:

            Military Intelligence???? When did they invent that? The men and women that serve have my greatest respect. I was a fireman never in the service. I did grow up on Fort Leonard Wood.

          • Caleb Maloy says:

            25th ID? Nice. I served with 25th TRANS out of Schofield before I was honorably discharged after a year of service because of back conditions.
            Thanks for serving as well, mate.

          • doughpro says:

            Based on what I learned about him, I doubted his claims. Simple as that. I will not accuse someone of being a troll just because I feel like being an ass from one day to the next.

            Also, you’re right, you know nothing about my military experience, yet you make the comment “…and fortunately the vast majority are more like O’Brian…” while knowing absolutely nothing about him either. But I am the tool….whatever.

          • Chuck Peyton says:

            USMC 4 years 3rd. Marine Division Okinawa, Japan

          • Brian Shanabrough says:

            Ohh Raaa!

          • doughpro says:

            No, that is not what a troll is. Warren threw his opinion on Graham’s education out there and there were some who thought his opinion was dumb or irrelevant to Graham’s message. That’s one of the things a troll does. He “blew it off” because he could not defend his comment. Another thing a troll does.
            I find it interesting, also, that you claim to be military, yet your fb page has many political comments, postings, etc.. I have several family members who are active at different levels of the military and who never even get close to the subject of politics on their fb pages in any way, shape or form.

          • Michael O'Brien says:

            Warren’s claims were pretty irrelevent to Graham’s post. But, again, Graham did nothing but parrot what the soldiers in the video said, “…maintain an atmosphere of silence and respect…” I’m guessing Warren got annoyed that Graham, first, YELLED. Second, misspelled so many words. As a writer it’s tough to even look at what someone has to say/write when his message is so poorly written. Sorry but for people like Warren & me, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

            “Claim?” I was active duty USAF from 1988 to 1992, PA ANG from 1994 to 1997 and Army Reserve, 2008 to present. Admittedly, I’m not typical military in my political posts. I’m highly critical of this administration and the direction it’s taking this country. When I agreed to put on “the uniform,” I understood it might mean giving up my life but I refuse to let it take away my voice, as well. While in uniform I will never openly criticize the POTUS but *out* of uniform, he & his administration are fair game.

            FYI, we performed honors for a fallen WWII vet today. Here’s a shot from the cemetery. ‘Not the most flattering picture but I didn’t want to attach my 214 as proof of who I am.

          • doughpro says:

            I thought twice about using the word, “claim”, but decided to use it anyway. It was the wrong choice.
            I saw the same parroting of the tomb guard in Graham’s post as you did. Does incorrect spelling annoy me? Yes, but you see a lot of it when people post comments that you know are emotional responses.
            Thank you for your post, and thank you very much for your service. I appreciate you taking the time to explain those things, and no, there is no need to attach your 214 to prove who you are. BTW, any photo in uniform is a flattering one.

          • emerson1248 says:

            Michael, I’m real also, and I say again why waste time on BS..God bless our soldiers, and God bless America…

          • Amber Osborne says:

            *thumbs up*

            PS , Also man enough to post under my real name! :)

          • Janson Smithers says:

            I agree!

        • Kent Holman says:

          Well said SSG O’Brian! However, I do agree with Gary’s words of respect, just not his grammar. Otherwise, it is all good.

      • Walle Walker says:

        He was probably pissed and typing in a hurry. My guess is it was stuck keys vs lack of education.

      • Chuck Peyton says:

        we did not give of ourselves to come on here and go to grammar class this is the internet proper gramer is not required spelling either

        • Kent Holman says:

          Mr. Peyton, no it is not required, however when one writes something and expects others to respect their opinion, it would be nice if they could write properly so that others can understand what the writer intends to convey.

          • Chuck Peyton says:

            Guilty as charged but my point was why get all excited over bad grammar on the internet. IT’S LIKE DOING THIS THE YELL we all understand what it means. Lets just get along we have much bigger fish to fry than poor are no grammar

          • Kent Holman says:

            Yes, I suppose we do. I also served in the Military and I think it is very important that we show the utmost respect to our fallen brothers in arms. Thank you for your service Mr. Peyton!

        • random says:

          Lol gramer… .
          My gramer came down to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us.

      • geddys_uncle says:

        Have ANY of you jab/counter-jab posters considered the possibility that Gary Graham might have been using a “speech-to-text” application that doesn’t “know” the difference between dam and damn, there, they’re and their, etc, etc, etc?

      • Jack Uri says:


      • cmac says:

        At my school we had two AV kids. One was really nice and cool and helped everyone with their work. The other was a cocky, superior-sounding prikk (deliberately misspelled) no one liked. Guess which one you sound like, Warren?

      • Island Boy says:

        You are clearly a prick.

      • Arty9Ways says:

        94 other people are assholes too..fantastic. Grammar Nazi D.Bag.

      • Juli Kwasnicki says:

        What did Warren say that was so bad?

      • anniemoakley says:

        FO Warren

    • Uncle Arty says:

      They gave their lives for the military industrial complex and the US Empire, neither of which represents Freedom and Liberty.

      • Dennis says:

        Now you sound like a troll go check out the Socialist F book page you would be liked there

        • Uncle Arty says:

          fuck you, you fascist war mongering piece of sh(i)t. And just fyi I’m not a socialist, the American Empire is socialist. if you must know I am a libertarian, diligently plotting to take over the world and leave everyone the fuck alone

          • Dennis says:

            you sound more like an Occupy/Marxist to me . you know the kind that crap on top of police cars and don”t EVER bathe… who think that they never have to work …just smoke dope all day long….And I’m more of the free market , attack the USA and we will kick your ass guy….. but don’t worry as long as there are people like me you will be safe

          • Uncle Arty says:

            well you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground, so let me school you up. I’ve never read Marx, not even the clift notes. When it was required reading I refused and in it’s place I read John Locke two treaties of government. And while I am anti-war I am not a fucking pacifist. I believe in the Bill of Rights not just on or two articles that suit me. And I don’t watch any lame stream media. Unlike you you stupid fucking sheep, I know there was 1 fucking homeless guy who crapped on a cop car, just because FOX and CNN showed it a thousand times doesn’t mean a thousand people crapped on cars. And regardless of what you think about OWS, politics if you call yourself an American you better fucking respect their fucking right to protest without having cops in riot gear show up and start some shit. and that’s how it always happens 100% of the time. So shove off you Fascist Neo-Con warmongering piece of shit

          • Dennis says:

            You do know that Facist is a left thought ….. And therefore you spouting off just shows your ignorance…

          • Uncle Arty says:

            No it’s not, true fascism is defined as corporate controlled government. Mussolini was a fascist, Hitler was a socialist. socialism is left thinking. Fascism is far rights as you can get, in the context I used fascist is apt and it applies, as you wish to control the words and actions of people instead of allowing them the freedom to control themselves.

          • Dennis says:

            And you are wrong when you say…”true fascism is defined as corporate controlled government”.. Because all I have read states “Fascism promotes a corporatist economic system which represent the
            nation’s economic producers and work alongside the state to set national
            economic policy.” Musollini as Hitler was totalitarians….. Conservatives do not want or trust big Govt and fought and won a WORLD WAR to defeat both of them……. There are plenty that like to “change” title so suit a cause they have, like you. BUT be my guest and continue spouting the mantra you want ..And I will continue to laugh at your comments / rudeness when I see you write them

    • Eric Barnes says:

      My gosh are y’all really that going to be that big of assholes because of a typo?! Get a damn life.

    • Barry says:


  2. Bobby Summers says:

    I have been blessed to have witnessed the ‘changing of the guards’ at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That was about 45 years ago. The uniform has changed but the ceremony remains intact and no respect has been lost during this time. I am so pleased to know that although we have lost respect for so many other things in our lives, this is one thing that has endured. Also, even during the most dire and extreme weather conditions you will always find a guard at the tomb. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…rain, sleet, snow, lightning, hurricane, blizzard, heat and cold, the armed services always stand guard.

    • Moises Perez says:

      That is Freakin awesome, i heard they were there when a hurricane came thru… i got the chills, that’s so flippin metal, i wish i was one of those guys!

  3. Mike says:

    Some people don’t know when to shut up, and so need to be told.

  4. Mike says:

    Hey Warren, shut up and leave the man alone. I’m with you Mr. Graham show some respect.

  5. Dominic Delia says:


  6. Ric Jarvis says:

    It is requested that Warren shuts his damn mouth and acquires some common sense to accompany his questionable education !

    Well said Gary, HDFLHT2002 and Mike.

  7. Mguzman says:

    If you have never been then go….its awesome!!!!

  8. Debbie Michaels says:

    As I was watching the video there where some people walking away. When you are instructed to remain silent or move, YOU DON”T!

  9. Hilda A says:

    My husband who spent 35 years defending this nation now lies in Arlington with his military brothers many of those were under his commanded and all deserve to be respected not only at the Tomb, but over the entire grounds.

    • Brittany Smolinsky says:

      I am so sorry for you loss Hilda. You are absolutely right. I went on a trip to D.C. when I was in 8th grade and part of our trip was seeing the Tomb and the Ceremony, but also touring the grounds. And I have to say it was a great honor to be in the presence of such great men and women who now lay there. We owe everything to your husband and men and women like him, who serve every day and do what, at least I personally, could not do.

  10. George Carnahan says:

    Back in 1960 or 1961, when I photographed this formal changing of the guard for the Photography Merit Badge, nobody made a sound. the Great American Public has degenerated into a mélange of boorish slobs totally lacking in manners.

    • MoBetter2 says:

      You are exactly correct, George! American society has degenerated to the point that many cannot distinguish between real life and the fabricated Disney World atmosphere they have come to expect wherever they go. They approach wild bears, bison and moose in national parks as if they are pets or Disney animatronics. They go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as if it is a tourist T-shirt shack, totally lacking an understanding of the solemnity of what is transpiring before their eyes. They are ignorant and they revel in it. Sad, indeed! (USAF Viet Nam Era veteran ’68 – ’72)

      • Kent Holman says:

        I totally agree, much of what should be respected is not respected anymore. However, instead of us complaining about it, all of us that are prior military should do something about being a mentor to young men and women so that they can be taught the meaning of respect and honor.

    • Kenneth Steen says:

      Especially those loud mouth no action TEA BAGGER ELITIST that should be tried for treason for supporting actions contrary to “THE AMERICAN WAY” Drink beer not tea, EVER!

      • Hunter says:

        Thank you for providing us all with an example of what Mr. Carnahan was talking about. Mindless liberal troll.

        • Kent Holman says:

          Both you and Kenneth point fingers and are divisive when I would surmise, neither of you understand that wheather democrat or repulican our system is fundamentally broken and both sides are on the take from huge multinational companies that don’t give a damn about your petty arguing.

          • Hunter says:

            Actually, I find your statement fairly sound. I did have to respond to Kenneth’s asinine comment though. As for whether Democrat or Republican is bad or good, I find Republicans less bad. Now, that is in no way to say that Repubs are the solution. I agree that the system is broken and I think we should abandon the two-party system altogether. It is, after all, an evil that our founding fathers warned against.

          • Kent Holman says:

            Hunter, I totally agree and however I am not how that will happen given the power is in the hands of a very few individuals with a vested interested in keeping the system the way it is.

          • Hunter says:

            The odds are against it, for sure.

      • Erik Esquerra says:

        Kenneth, I’m pretty sure that if you go out and speak that loudly in public with an Obama shirt on, the Tea Party Patriots would totally go away. Who keeps ranting after their point’s been proven?

      • Dennis says:

        kenneth what ‘American way ” are you talking about ??? you mean the ability to leech off productive people… you mean make other people to pay more taxes each year for govt giveaways like free phones that cost in the excess of 1billion dollars to do

  11. Layne B Landis says:

    These gentleman go through a lot just to be Guards there.They should have a lot of respect for what they do.

  12. teacher2511 says:

    As it should be…..

  13. Wayne Patrick says:

    if you cannot hold the silence or be respectful of the tomb, then don’t go, simple as that, that is like going to the cemetery and seeing someone standing on your families grave or sitting on their tombstone, you are not going to like it, you want that respect for your family member, SO SHOW SOME RESPECT HERE FOR THE FALLEN HERE AS THEY WERE FAMILY MEMEBRS OF SOMEONE, and these men are there to honor them and remember them,
    Warren and Michael, you have no respect, so keep it to yourselves, ok

  14. Mark Papini says:

    Honor,Loyalty,Fidelity,Trust,Respect ,Integrity.

  15. Brenda W. Murray says:


  16. John Jett says:

    Those guys are great, they never stop, Hurricanes can’t stop them.

  17. Mike Scalf says:

    I really don’t get where all the petty BS comes from. Do any of you have any idea the extremely highly disciplined life these soldiers live? They do not pull guard duty for their shift and then go do whatever they want the rest of the time. Their dorm is actually under the tomb. Do some research on these guys and what you will find will knock you out. As far as the guard/reserve bashing; there is really no call for that. Not everyone wants to make the commitment that those of us that went regular did. We may be better trained, nut we do it every day, they don’t. Every guard/reserve unit I have ever dealt with on a deployed basis whether it be AF or Army has picked up on the routine within a matter of days and become an essential part of the mission. We. all services, need to come together as one and back each other. Our Generals and Admirals are slowly being purged from our ranks and soon we will be asked to act against the civilian population. Think I am crazy, look up the latest Executive Order signed.

  18. Tom Meyer says:

    Awesome. In every way. No hesitation from any of them, even when a ranking officer is talking… No BS. that must be their motto. And the training must be insane. I would hate to see the discipline for making a mistake at one of these ceremonies.

  19. ebrentprice says:

    Being Quaker I understand the power of quiet respect. This is an appalling display and if the guard had not stepped up I’m sure the Lord would forgive me if I said the same thing in pretty much the same tone of voice. Few Quakers join the military but there have been Quakers on every American battlefield in our history if only to treat the wounded. In WWII some joined up to become medics and got in trouble with the Elders. Well, they’re not crazy about me either because I have a bad habit of hitting back. BTW the life of a medic on an active battlefield is measured in seconds, and only combat engineers have a shorter life expectancy.

  20. Maleka Giovinco says:

    what the hell? why must this be said? this country is really off the chain!

  21. Joseph Citarello IV says:

    “Mark this well, you proud men of action! you are, after all, nothing but unconscious instruments of the men of thought.”
    -Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

  22. Billy Taratko says:

    this looks like an event that could do with about 30 dudes in mascot suits an air horns

  23. Joseph Citarello IV says:

    i have no respect for the mindless drones that serve corporate whore politicians, killing mostly defenseless people for resources, political gain, and world ownership. troops do not fight for freedom, for if they did, they would fight the real enemies of freedom: the US government.

    • You Lie says:

      These troops are the reason you have the right to spout your disrespectful BS. Pack your bags and head out if the US is such an awful place, don’t be a hypocrite as well as a coward..move on!

    • Dennis says:

      If you dont like it go to another country ..like Iran north Korea.. you low life

      • Joseph Citarello IV says:

        no thanks, this is a country for soverigns. you love military and government so much, maybe YOU should move to north korea.

        • Dennis says:

          Dude I don’t like this administration BUT this is still the best nation on this earth… But I soon as you rant about “killing mostly defenseless people for resources, political gain, and world ownership” .You sound just like some socialist / Occupy, I need to crap on a police car, fool. I have no patience for the likes of them and that’s who you sound like.

  24. An American says:

    Know body will ever know what a Tomb guard goes though unless you have walked in his shoes. So go pay your respects, say a prayer and keep your mouth closed. If you are offended by my ” say a prayer ” get out of this country, we don’t want you here.

  25. Andrew Rusher says:

    I don’t respect the government when they denied Atheists buriel plots…they fought and died, they deserved to be buried their as well….

  26. Angela Harris Emory says:

    I would not f…with those guys.

  27. keller stadig says:

    You’re all fucking retarded. Even you, sir. (0-6 dental corps) You of all people should have known better than to get into a mindless debate with half witted civilians over anything. You too, SSG O’Brian. Grow the fuck up. They can post whatever they want and its our job as soldiers to defend their right to do so. Whether or not we agree. So buck up big boys. Maybe if you had joined active duty Infantry and actually done something, you would have some right to speak on behalf of those who did. And if your husband does something, who the fuck cares, you goddamned dependapotomus? Your husband should be ashamed that you are participating in this. And on that note, the one and only reason I feel compelled to post, is to tell you all to start acting like professional soldiers.
    And to say that you all have atrocious grammar and spelling. So stop degrading each other. You are all wrong.
    PFC Stadig,
    Fmr. 82nd Airborne.

  28. Jim Higgins says:

    Sounds like a bunch of disrespectful idiots showed up that day. Its a shame that ppl have no respect for our fallen soldiers

  29. Rocky Turner says:

    I have been to see the changing of the guards when i was 17 yrs. old , straight out of bootcamp . I was stationed at ft. Belvoir Va. It gave me cold chills to watch it then and it still does 40+ years later . im so proud to have been a soldier , served my country . God bless our country , our Nation and our soldiers Amen.

  30. Melissa Myers says:

    Thank you to all of our service men and women now serving, our vets, and all who have died in the line of duty. Freedom shouldn’t be taken lightly. Again to all our military personnel thank you for your service.

  31. Dennis Hansen says:

    It is the lack of respect that people have today everyone is all about themselves . It is sad to believe that people think it is OK to sit on tombstones and Talk during such a ceremony showing Respect to our fallen servicemen . I served our country in the Army for 13 years and the MEN AND WOMEN OF THE OLD GUARD AT ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY OUR SECOND TO NO ONE . Instead of pointing out that someone miss spelled a word you should be upset that people behave like this.
    The guards stand their post in Rain, Snow, High Wind, Heat and much more They are A CREDIT TO THE UNIFORM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SFC HANSEN US ARMY RETIRED.

    • Kent Holman says:

      Dennis, I agree with you that no one should show disrepect to our fallen soldiers. They deserve the upmost respect and dignity. However, I also agree that when when one writes and expects others to understand what they are trying to convey, they should write in proper English. I don’t think that is too much to ask of anyone and it shows that they have respect for themselves as well as the people to whom they are writing.

      • Dennis Hansen says:

        Kent you are correct with that. It is hard to on me to understand why people feel the need to jump on someone for miss spelling words when they are standing up for the right reason. I also believe it is sad that our school systems are turning out students that can not read or write . I know I struggle with common words and thank My teachers for showing me how to use a Dictionary . just saying and thank you for your reply

        • Kent Holman says:

          You are quite welcome Dennis! I actually dropped out of school and then took the GED, but I went back to school after the military and recieved a BA in English. I had to do whatever it took to get my education. I did not blame others for my lack of education, but rather I went back and did the work that was required. Thank you brother!

  32. mary g.shepherd says:

    I think I would crawl into the nearest grave if they said anything to me. most respect for them considering they give up 2 years to be in this group.

  33. Jessica Delaney-Kobin says:

    Just a question not meant as offensive, so should I not bring my infant there? Are they welcome? We were planning a trip, I can control my toddlers but if the baby is hungry or feels like making noise it will happen.

    • Dwight says:

      Wow, I honestly don’t know the answer to that. I’m an Air Force brat, and I have visited this site. It really is an overwhelming experience, I hope you get the opportunity to see it. I’d suggest contacting the parks department in DC with your concern.

    • Dennis says:

      Out of respect I would wait until the child understands silence

  34. ALLAN says:


  35. Derik Fairchild says:

    Some gave all….

  36. Barb Carey says:


  37. Billy Sims says:

    God Bless our Military. I have never been here to the grave of the unknown soldier, but sure would like too someday… and Arlington. It sure looks well taken care of, Thank you for your service to our United States of America.

  38. Zack Huber says:

    never understood people that took time out of their own lives just to show how much they don’t care? :

  39. emerson1248 says:

    Come on fella’s why argue over BS. You are missing the point here. Respect for the unknown soldier and those who guard their tomb…Nothing else is important at this spot…

  40. Houdan Chick says:

    I lived in Arlington 50 years ago and went to visit this memorial many times and never heard a single word spoken or any disrespect of any kind. Alas that was then and this is now when we have assclowns in abundance and when I visited 2 years ago, the guard was forced to demand respect to the jerks who do not even know what this memorial stands for. Arlington remains to me the most solemn and sacred place we have in America, I can never seem to go there without tears.

  41. melissa b. says:

    I have seen the changing of the guards many times. My feeling is, everyone in that cemetary deserves as much respect that the unknowns are given.

  42. Darren Isaacs says:

    The thing is so many people have little to no respect for anything these days. I hope they never change this ceremony. In fact demanding this type of respect at a few other places would be just fine with me. I am not saying that everyone has to pray or anything like that but when others are at least respect them and stand there with your mouth shut and don’t act like a idiot. Not too much to ask.

  43. Mike Serot says:

    I can’t imagine the discipline it takes to be a Tomb Guard. I visited Arlington last September and saw this. Incredible, but I think it’s a little too long a ceremony. No disrespect at all. And what happens in the middle of the night, in a snow storm, with no power? I know they still guard the tomb, but that’s gotta be tough. And do they do this every time they switch at night? Or is it only during hours when people come to visit?

  44. Chris Smith says:

    Reading a lot of these comments reminds me of being back in high school. The point of the video is, that people need to show respect when visiting such memorials. If they can not do so, then why even bother going. I saw the same thing when I went to Pearl Harbor.

  45. Debra Ward says:

    wow, really…?? This is about respecting our service men and women and all you people commenting can do is argue??? Try respecting each other and quit condemning because someone didn’t type something the way you would have.

  46. josh says:

    people really hate each other in the comment section don’t they.

  47. Kathleen Mink says:

    Michael O’Brien, SSG O’Brien, USARPublic Affairs NCO I have no problem addressing you by your name, and also, thank you for your service. My brother is a Ch. Lt. Col. in the United States Air Force, prior he was in the United States Army for about 15 years.
    I am 51 years old. Yet, the most memorable experience of my entire life was being at this Tomb on a parochial school trip. A lot of kids were talking, turned away, and the like. But to me, this was beyond any military service I ever saw. I fully respect and know all about the extensive life training of these guards, and I could never put into words how appreciative I am, for these tomb guards. Imagine being impacted from your early childhood…and still being totally impressed, honored, appreciative and also tearful, from this one experience. I am not here to disparage the person you spoke of, but, I believe everyone has a heart and conscience, and true Americans have respect. My name is Kathleen Mink, I am a proud American from Pennsylvania. My father served in Korea, my brother currently serves and has been to Iraq several times. Please give our soldiers the respect they DESERVE. Thank you.

    • Kathleen Mink says:

      And another thing, for all you perfect English spellers out there, I am almost that good, but, as soon as I went on the Internet long, long ago, I gave up on spelling and grammar with other people. WHO CARES? Not everyone had the benefit of good schools, etc., and since you can pretty much understand what they mean, why get all into it? That’s not relevant to this subject. Stay on the subject people!

  48. Betty Howell says:


  49. Michael Steinrok says:

    I think that the remarks made here should be pertinent to the soldiers shown here and not clowning other peoples grammar. God/dess Bless the men and women who serve our country. And also Bless the men and women who have given the Last Full Measure!

  50. Michelle Kelly says:

    The rules are obvious, disrespect their brother and you will know about it. Good job guards!

  51. Thomas J. McCabe says:

    Just curious. After reading all of the moronic comments about using proper grammar instead of getting the point of the article, I have just one question. How many of you have served in the military !?!

  52. Toby S Knight-Meigs says:

    The Tomb Sentinels should jack a round into the chamber while administering their admonishment. That would get the public’s attention most Rikky Tikk!

  53. Juli Kwasnicki says:

    You know, Its just a matter of respect. Plan and simple. There is a place and a time. When you go to this changing of the guard you should know, dont speak. This is one of the major problems in this country. PeoPle run around demanding resect. But have absolutely know meaning of the word. God Bless our youth.

  54. Juli Kwasnicki says:

    I have to say it. If any one has signed those papers to join in the last ten years than you should have known what you were getting in to. You knew you were going to be deployed to the desert. You knew you were going to fight an unjust war. As far as I am concerned, Its not our war its Obamas, and the other idiots war. Now I no I am going to here all kinds of hell. But Im sorry. you signed, you go to the desert, get blown up.,. for what. Not for me or mine. This is not My war. Its not our war. I get the chain of command. But seriously dont make me feel bad cause your brain washed by Your Government. You have got to be an idiot to sigh up for this right now. So stop crying.

  55. Shriner Piper says:

    Why does anyone have to say anything at all? Just watch the video if you’re interested. If not, don’t watch it, put please, out of respect for the Unknown’s, the 23rd Guard, and those of us who have served and those who have fought; take your argument elsewhere.

  56. 11bvet says:

    There is no reason to shout at civilians. Half of the servicemen did so in a respectful tone and volume, which was great to see. The other half, yelled, and it was because they got a chance to be Alpha in front of others, making it about their dominance, and not about the respect of the ceremony….just an observation

    • Hdar08 says:

      They acted accordingly to the rules that apply to the tomb of the unknown soldier. They didn’t do it to be the Alpha in front of others as you suggested, but rather to demand the respect that is due to our unknown fallen comrade. They didn’t make it about their dominance, they enforced the rules plain and simple.

      • 11bvet says:

        It may have been accordingnly, but half of those clips, the Servicemen,
        demanded respect, in a respectful volume, and did not feel the need to
        shout as loudly as possible, there was no need to yell, there was only a
        need to make themselves heard to express the rules and demands of the
        ceremony. I was dismounted infantryman in a line platoon, i know apha
        male dominance when i see it. And it is disrespectful to shout like that
        at a civilians, we serve the civilians not the other way around.

  57. erikka says:

    who cares about spelling!? That shit doesn’t really matter these men and women risking their lives and their time with their family is what matters. Have some fucking respect.

  58. Turon Alvarez Edwards says:

    No comment

  59. jenkem5 says:

    Liberal swine.

  60. Budjoe says:

    Thank you all veterans past and present.

  61. stacy baldwin says:

    With each generation, we are losing respect in America. It makes me sad. Respect the men and women in our Military. My son joined at 17 and I would hope he is shown some respect.

  62. Charles Lofton says:

    Show some respect. Its not about who can read or write.

  63. Curt Pangracs says:

    Now THAT is how you guard something!

  64. Greenshogun says:

    Trolls! It is requested that all of you maintain an atmosphere of silence!

  65. armadilloranch75418 says:

    locked and loaded! Don’t mess with these guys.

  66. Nicki says:

    What is wrong with you people…..? What is there to be critical about? None of you know each other? Your comments are what is wrong with this country right now…Lighten up, will ya? Merry Christmas……

  67. m.gross says:

    its a shame our borders cant be guarded like that! :)

  68. Tyler Coleman says:

    Well… Since everyone has the right to express their own opinion, I personally believe that no matter what level of intellect or grammar skills you think you may have, whoever makes fun or insults the military and everything we’ve done can bite the proverbial bullet, eat shit and have a nice day in Hell. Thank you!!!

  69. Charly O says:

    and this is the America those that fought and died for and continue to do so… congratulations vaginamerica……….stfu…. “AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE”… enjoy your freedoms before THEY take them all away… which they have already started doing… dont be sheep America… Open your eyes FFS!

    • Charly O says:

      quit w/ the lame axx comments and enjoy your freedoms I… Myself fight/patrol/endure for….. and stand up for yourselves instead of trying to make bucks or views on BS……….. 16yrs Active Strong…. grow some balls or die trying…. Amen

  70. victor ortiz says:

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut.

  71. When we buried our battalion commander at Arlington back in the early 90’s there was no disrespect at the tomb. However as society crumbles from a lack of good ethics and morals, there are more idiots who interupt the tomb. I imagine one day obama will outlaw the guards guns too.

  72. Angelo says:

    How long before Liberal Democrats have a problem with this because it “might offend illegal aliens.” Vote Conservative and protect and respect our Constitution.

  73. hackps says:

    Why was this video pulled. It should be shown so everyone can see what was being done. Why the censor ship?

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