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Published on August 29th, 2013 | by Editorial Staff


Marine Vet Loses Fight To Fly American & Marine Flag

These stories are becoming more frequent and quite frankly, it’s a damn shame!

A Georgia Marine combat veteran, Capt. Jim Lowe, has lost his appeal to fly both the American and Marine colors outside of his home in the Sun City-Peachtree Retierment community. The community has strict “rules” regarding decorations, that limit flag displays to one flag.

“When a bunch of arbitrary rules trump the Constitution, it’s a sad date because indeed a piece of America is lost,” Lowe said


A retired Georgia combat veteran has lost his fight to fly his American flag and U.S. Marine Corps colors outside his home in an Atlanta-area retirement community.

MyFoxAtlanta.com reports that the board of directors at Marine Capt. Jim Lowe’s community in Griffin voted against changing a rule on outside decorations that threatened his patriotic display.

Sun City-Peachtree’s codes state that each home in the retirement community can only have one flag, but Lowe fought the rule, arguing that the traditional Marine Corps battle color is not a flag.

Lowe told the station in July that he received a code violation notice from management informing him that he and his wife would face fines of up to $25 a day and a possible lien on his home if he did not remove one of the flags.

“When a bunch of arbitrary rules trump the Constitution, it’s a sad date because indeed a piece of America is lost,” Lowe told MyFoxAtlanta.com after the board made its decision.

The board released a statement to MyFoxAtlanta.com saying in part, “A recent poll of residents asking their opinion about a possible change in the number of flags permitted indicated no overwhelming preference for a change in the governing documents.”

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37 Responses to Marine Vet Loses Fight To Fly American & Marine Flag

  1. Terry Strauser says:

    I do believe i would be selling my home to move to a subdivision that is not as silly as this one. It is a shame that a Vet who has served his country for our freedoms is not allowed to show his patriotism.

  2. DiorChristian says:

    This is outrageous. He should be allowed to be Patriotic in displaying and showing his Patriotism as he served the country for our Freedom. He should be allowed.:( /DC.30.08.2013@15.07pm (GMT)

  3. Hailey Parejko says:

    It’s sad that they are making him choose which flag to take down. He fought for our freedom, yet has no rights to fly both. Sickening.

  4. West says:

    Semper Fi
    What a shame that this has happened to a fellow Vet!

  5. Beth Watkins says:

    What in the world are we coming to?

  6. Brien DeChristopher says:

    And, this is one more reason that I abhor and detest HOA organizations. Especially when most of the people on the board of some of these HOA’s are not US Citizens or were not born on US soil. Sure, they have every right to legally immigrate here, but to tell Patriots what they can and can’t do sickens me. Priorities have seriously gotten screwed up in this country.

  7. Tabatha Fuchs says:

    I would be selling my home. If it wasnt for me fighting for our freedom they wouldnt have house to hang any flag. Shame on them

  8. Robert Whitacre says:

    Another sad day in America. I know my house would be on the market this afternoon. Way way to many homes out there in communities that don’t have all these idiotic restrictions placed on individuals their rights and their freedoms as these HOAs do. There is absolutely no way I would ever live in a community with a HOA.

  9. Debbie Michaels says:

    Someone needs a reality check?

  10. Jake says:

    I bet it wasn’t brought to the attention of the other residents that it was to fly those 2 colors. Only mentioning “flags” and not what he was asking for.

  11. Eddie Berrios says:

    I’m disgusted with this! The f***ing nerve of these people to tell this Patriot he can’t be Patriotic?!

  12. mike4winns says:

    I am in for $25. Where do I send the money.

  13. Mike Pickard says:

    Come on over to Loganville my friend. Would be proud to have you as a neighbor

  14. frofer says:

    I would do a door to door survey and submit MY results to the board. Once i win, by count of votes, sell to a person other then the commune dictates allowable.

  15. mike says:

    this isnt right he should be able to do both if he wanted to after all he fought for his country I would be getting a petition going to fly both flags

  16. Kirstin Berwald Johnson says:

    Someone get a hold of this man’s Congressional representatives!!!!!!!

  17. Paul C. says:

    Shame on this entire community ,it’s board and the judicial system for again allowing this to happen!

  18. Richard Cabral says:

    To the people who live there Capt if I had the money I would buy your house and give it to the black panthers as a gift Semper Fi

  19. Allan Nygaard says:

    I think they should let the military bring in the people from that housing management and counsel them for succes, marine corps style.

  20. finabiscotti says:

    I read something about the couple are moving – to not have to live under these conditions.
    I do not like the fact about the stress this family has gone through about our country’s Flags – or the fact of needing to make the decision to choose to move.

    I believe these association rules are unconstitutional.

    If it is banned for diversity purposes, because of cultural differences w people from another country – who come to the USA are “offended” by our Flags – on US soil,
    then we as Americans should be “offended” that others do not have respect for The USA = the land of opportunity, Home of the Brave and The Free.

    All Homeowners associations should be held accountable – for their unconstitutional actions – in harassing Americans about Flags reflecting their Patriotism to The USA.

    Thank you for your service, Capt, Lowe!!!

  21. Jay Dillon says:

    A military veteran is not allowed to fly more than one flag? Excuse me but those little community rules can be changed.

  22. Steven Shirey says:

    fuck the rules…im in for 25 bucks a month

  23. Eugene Trahan says:

    When they attack the asshole that rin the subdivision let them fight thier own battles. Let our Vets defend just themselfs and then see how the asshole like it.

  24. Cherie Allgood says:

    I hate these home owner association/gate communities. It’s all about money. Why can’t two flags be just as tasteful and permitted as one? Stupid stupid stupid

  25. azgramma says:

    One more HOA board completely out of control!!! Our Vets deserve better!!!! Common sense would dictate that VETS earned the right for the entire community to own homes and fly flags — an exception for service colors for veterans could easily be an addendum to the CC&Rs. Thank you for your service, Sir!

  26. Tom says:

    This is to the place where this hero lives give me a break how do you thing you have your freedom I would live in a place like that you all suck, I have this message for you kilo mike A.

  27. Tom says:

    I would live there just to piss you off .

  28. Tom says:

    As a disabled veteran I think you should move out of my country and move to the old ussr

  29. Brenda Lewis says:


  30. dan3333333333 says:

    So this calls for painting the garage door depicted as the Marine colors while old glory remains waving in the air. If that bothers them, threaten then, you will paint the entire front of your house the flag colors and marine colors. I think then they will back off!

    • Alma Ruth says:

      Sorry this is going to be long but after many years dealing with just these situations I can say that unfortunately, most HOA’s have restrictions on even what colors you can paint your homes. what kind of trees or shrubs you can plant etc. and if you willingly sign the agreement without coercion then even a court of Law would be obligated to uphold it as it is a contractual agreement. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT EVERY HOME BUYER READ THE RULES AND REGULATIONS REGARDING HOA’S AS THEY ARE CONSIDERED LEGAL AND BINDING. I have set through many a hearing on arguments against them and have seldom seen any changed. The whole community has a say before a regulation can be changed and a majority must be in agreement. HOA’S are put in place to ‘SAFE GUARD” the value of homes in the area but I have never cared for them and learned the hard way to make sure I read the CCR’s (community covenant restrictions). This is a shame that the MARINE can not fly his flag. Hopefully he can sell his home for enough money in this down cycle of housing prices to be able to move to another one without this restrictions. Or as someone else suggested talk to the neighbors and get a group large enough to agree with you and go before the board. If it is a majority of the neighbors then they will have to change the restriction or be voted out of their position on the review board.

  31. Edie Elizabeth Kagy says:

    That is Bull shit he has every right it his home and his property

  32. icicool says:


  33. Michael Santarella says:

    Sue the bastards for infringing your constitutional rights. There should be an organization that goes after these assholes ruling over their 45 acres of land,

  34. mzungu says:

    Paint the flag on windows and garage door.

  35. USN Retired says:

    When I contacted their sales office this was their reply:
    You can address any further concerns to Dee Dee at (678) 692-8400

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